IMPACT to FOLO Token Migration

Singapore, November 8, 2021 – Alpha Impact announces that we will be migrating our token from the ticker IMPACT to FOLO under the new Etherscan address. After creating our token on Saturday, November 6, we have airdropped the new tokens to existing wallet holders. Token holders who have locked their tokens in smart contract will have the opportunity to claim their new tokens at a ratio of 1:1 once they remove the tokens from the smart contracts and apply for a claim. The claim form will be publish on November 22 on the Alpha Impact website and will be valid until next year, December 1, 2022.


Regarding the new token migration, Alpha Impact CEO Hayden Hughes said, “Minting this new token will ensure our users have the features needed using FOLO. We are proud to remain on the Ethereum network and will eventually create bridges to other networks for user convenience.”


IMPACT will no longer be used and it will not have function in our ecosystem. Please contact us at [email protected] or our Telegram channel for any enquiries.


About Alpha Impact
Discover a smarter way to invest by copying professional crypto traders, or get copied to earn from your trading skills.

Alpha Impact is a copy-trading social media platform designed to connect followers with professional traders. Users can connect their investment account to Alpha Impact to copy top traders in our community, get the latest market news from traders, and learn crypto investing from influential traders, masterclasses, and beginner guides. Traders can earn another stream of income from sharing trades, trading knowledge, and build industry reputation.

Built by two banking veterans from crypto and traditional finance, the founders’ philosophy is to empower people to profit from cryptocurrency and endorse strong performance history-backed traders as opinion leaders.


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