Yahoo Finance announces Alpha Impact’s $100k Binance trading competition

SINGAPORE, November 11, 2021 — Alpha Impact’s $100k trading competition was announced by Yahoo Finance and has launched a second Binance competition for more traders or aspiring traders to join. This quarter, Alpha Impact garnered attention from multiple publications like E- Crypto News, Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, influencers like EssentiallyCrypto and podcasts like The Financial Coconut.


As a celebration, Alpha Impact has launched Shrimp Trading Competition to retain it’s mission to empower traders to become Opinion Leaders in the crypto industry and earn passive income.


“Only a week after launching, I’m proud to see Alpha Impact’s Shrimp Trading Competition has caught the attention of Yahoo Finance. This honor underscores our continued commitment to empower traders both monetarily and influentially,” remarked Hayden Hughes, CEO of Alpha Impact.


Alpha Impact’s last competition, Lucky 1010 Plankton Trading, resulted in an impressive 63% gain from the Top 3 traders using only Spot Trades on Binance.com. This upcoming competition would see a far greater gain due to the current bull market and an even greater prize pool up to $10,000.


Register now for the Shrimp Trading Competition.