Application Release 2.0.2 (Update 18) | FTX.com Portfolio Integration Is Now Live

Hey Alphas,

We have exciting news — We’ve recently launched FTX.com portfolio integration on our Alpha Impact web app, and it is currently free for all users. We’ve also made updates to our platform. Here’s a quick update on what our team has been working hard on over the last few weeks.


Note: If you’re on the Alpha Impact web app, refresh your browser to get the new updates.



Connect your FTX.com account with Alpha Impact’s web app

Users who are unable to use Binance accounts, you can link your FTX.com accounts with Alpha Impact’s platform! FTX users can link their FTX.com portfolios to their Alpha Impact account by following the instructions here.



Alpha Impact Tracks Movements (deposits, withdrawals, transfers) for FTX.com Accounts

After a trader connects their FTX API key, the Alpha Impact app will begin tracking their FTX account movements for all deposits, withdrawals, and transfers that they make, both for assets and borrowed assets (ie. transactions for both spot and margin trading are tracked).


This helps to ensure the accuracy of Alpha Impact’s performance tracking (TWR) system for traders, and also allows traders to monetise not only their spot trades, but also margin trades.



Performance tracking (TWR) of Assets and Borrowed Assets

The Alpha Impact app tracks FTX portfolio performance, both for assets and borrowed assets. This performance will be displayed on the trader’s profile in the form of time-weighted returns (TWR) for the last 24 hours, 30 days, and 1 year.


Time-Weighted Returns on a Trader’s Profile

By tracking all deposits, withdrawals and transfers that the trader makes, Alpha Impact is able to ensure the accuracy of the trader’s displayed time-weighted returns for their FTX portfolio.

For example, if the trader makes an additional deposit of USDT into their FTX account, Alpha Impact tracks this movement as a deposit and not a portfolio growth and thus does not take this deposit into account when calculating the FTX portfolio’s time-weighted returns.



Traders Will Be Able To Monetise Both Their Margin and Spot Trades

Alpha Impact is now able to track both spot and margin trades for FTX.com linked accounts! When you follow a trader who has their FTX portfolio linked to the Alpha Impact app, you will receive notifications for both margin and spot trades that they are making. For traders who use margin trading, you will be able to monetise not just your spot trades, but also your margin trades.



Other Announcements

User Interface Enhancements

To improve user experience (UX) on the Alpha Impact app, we have been working on several UI enhancements and we’re happy to announce that they are now ready!

We have improved the UX of the ‘Mentions’ function, and the suggestion list now contains the user avatar. We have improved the UX of the popup for terms and conditions by making it more readable, and instructions to scroll down to agree are now clearer. We have also created new login and registration brochures and made UX improvements to the ‘Copy trade confirmation’ function.


Binance API Key Refreshment

For Binance.com users, do remember to refresh your Binance API keys that are linked to your Alpha Impact account as they expire 90 days after you have linked your Binance account.

  1. Go to your Binance account
  2. Click the API Management tab
  3. Choose the API key and click ‘Edit Restrictions’
  4. Check the following boxes: Enable Reading, Enable Margin, Enable Spot & Margin Trading
  5. Click ‘Save’ to complete the Binance API Key Refreshment process


Still unsure of how to connect your Binance account? More details found here.


Increased Security for All Users

The security of users is always a priority at Alpha Impact, and we have made several technical adjustments to enhance user security through the use of whitelisted server connections to exchanges that are not web-facing.


To improve our operational efficiency, we have also upgraded our internal tools to generate application user reports faster.


Need help? Contact us on Telegram or at team@alphaimpact.fi.


As always, we would love to hear your comments and feedback! The development of our product is an ongoing process and user feedback is essential in our journey to make Alpha Impact’s platform better and more efficient.


About Alpha Impact

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