Alpha Impact collaborates with Art Wall Street to solidify NFT trading space

SINGAPORE, March 21, 2022 – Alpha Impact is delighted to announce it has partnered with another reputable web3 company, Art Wall Street. The Web3 gateway is a beginner-friendly ecosystem that helps users buy, sell and manage their NFTs with a credit card. Additionally, Art Wall Street, allows NFT creators to publish their artwork on the platform while allowing retail investors with no crypto knowledge the access to buy these digital artworks on the blockchain. 


Alpha Impact is a copy-trading social media platform designed to connect followers with professional traders. Apart from copying the trades of seasoned investors, newbie investors can also access the latest news from crypto experts and learn the art of crypto investing through masterclasses and guides. In turn, traders on the platform benefit from growing a follower base as a trusted opinion leader, which allows them to earn passive income from subscriptions and via a revenue-sharing model that lets them earn a commission for each trade.


“Working with Alpha Impact widens our offering to Web3 newcomers. With the ecosystem growing in complexity, both companies play an important role in lowering the barrier to entry for those without any prior crypto trading or NFT knowledge. The partnership strengthens efforts to increase the adoption of Web3 technologies by the masses” said Arun Sugumaran, CEO of Art Wall Street.


By partnering with Art Wall Street, Alpha Impact’s social feed will be enhanced, offering users the ability to gain actionable insights beyond crypto trading and into the world of NFTs. The two organizations are focused on cooperating to advance the variety in trading assets through co-branded exercises like an AMA, a giveaway, and sharing platform abilities to one another’s networks.


“Art Wall Street is the best fiat-to-NFT platform, and it makes sense for Alpha Impact’s users to gain added functionality to provide insights into the NFT space, including NFT trading. We’re delighted to partner with the AWST team as this allows us to enrich our user experience beyond crypto trading. We look forward to welcoming NFT traders and experts on the Alpha Impact platform and contributing to the conversation through Alpha Impact’s social media feed.” remarks Hayden Hughes, CEO of Alpha Impact.



About ArtWallStreet

AWSt provides NFT infrastructure for brands and creators. Leverage a suite of APIs, SDKs and templated storefronts to transit from Web2 to Web3 with ease. 


The infrastructure provides a familiar Web2 e-commerce experience enabling brands to sell or distribute NFTs on their current channels such as mobile apps or websites.


AWSt enables the seamless purchase of NFTs with credit cards and wallet creation via email addresses to accelerate the onboarding of newcomers to Web3.


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About Alpha Impact

Discover a smarter way to invest by copying professional crypto traders, or get copied to earn from your trading skills. 


Alpha Impact is a copy-trading social media platform designed to connect followers with professional traders. Users can connect their investment account to Alpha Impact to copy top traders in our community, get the latest market news from traders, and learn crypto investing from influential traders, masterclasses, and beginner guides. Traders can earn another stream of income from sharing trades, trading knowledge, and build industry reputation. 


Built by two banking veterans from crypto and traditional finance, the founders’ philosophy is to empower people to profit from cryptocurrency and endorse strong performance history-backed traders as opinion leaders.


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