Application Release 1.1.2, 30 September 2021

Written Sep 27, 2021 by The Alpha Impact Team

We’re back for another patch release note. Here’s a rundown of the new features you can now take advantage of!


Faster In-App Trade Notifications

Trying to execute trades from our in-app trade alerts? Take a deep breath and brew yourself a coffee. By the time you’ve taken your first sip of coffee, you would receive notifications from anyone who likes, reposts, comments on your post, or a trade alert from your followed traders. In-app notifications are updated every 2 minutes. Want it quicker? Connect your Telegram or email for real-time alerts. You can now access profiles directly from the in-app notification page after receiving trade notifications. Simply click on a trade notification to go into the trader’s profile page.


Email/Username Logins

Logins are more versatile as users can log in to our app using both their username and email now. New users who do not fill in their profile bio will have a placeholder text immediately removed. There were also a few testing endpoints updated however, these are for administration and developers only.


Bug Fixes

You saw we fixed! Some bug fixes for this patch include fixing duplicate announcements appearing on the announcement board, Twitter shares will redirect if user posts symbols such as “%”, “#”, “$” etc., fixed search bar to prevent a user from searching without any inputs or only spaces. Previously, portfolio visibility prompt was not obvious for users so some users did not know they could reveal or hide their trading composition and performance. However, this prompt has been fixed and will show up while editing user profiles. For the Plankton Trading competition, when the user unlinks his portfolio from Alpha Impact, his competition entry will be automatically removed as well.