Application Release 1.1.3, 10 October 2021

Written Oct 11, 2021

The past 2 weeks have been very busy, with our engineering team working hard to release a key patch. We’re also excited to confirm that copy trading is launching in November (although we are holding our breaths for a Halloween release).


Before discussing the patch update we will share some other updates with the community:


Copy trading with .jpegs

We are a little too excited to confirm that we will be launching an NFT series in October. We can confirm that NFTs will unlock copy trading functionality within our platform, and that the NFT will require the IMPACT token. We look forward to sharing more details in the coming weeks.


A Community Product Demo

This past week, our co-founders, Hayden Hughes and Austin Chaird, shared a demo of our platform. Check it out here.


Now for the patch updates:

Copy Trading Update

After 7 months in development, we’re excited to announce that the back end logic for manual copy trading is 100% complete! The back end trading logic is very complex and we’re currently doing rigorous penetration testing. The front end logic is being finalized, with the UI for Manual Copy Trading being nearly completed (we’ve tested it in the office and done actual copy trades… whether we bought SHIB or not is highly classified 😉


We’re also hard at work integrating the back end logic with the front end logic, and we’re very excited to announce that Manual Copy Trading will be launching in November! At the rate we’re going there’s even a chance it could be a spooky Halloween with copy trading.


We wish to take special note of our hard working tech team who have successfully completed the back end copy trading logic.


Say it with a GIF & tag me

Want to express yourself, but can’t figure out the right words? Our GIPHY integration is now complete, and you can click the GIF button to find the perfect GIF for any season or emotion. We’ve also launched mentions, meaning you can tag friends by using @username, just like other networks.


Refer a friend

Missing your friends and family? Invite them to join Alpha Impact by sharing a social media referral link!


UX updates

We’ve optimized the mobile view for the announcement section of our website, and made it easier to click through to a trader’s movements and trades. We’ve also removed some redundancies around clicking on deleted users and portfolios, ensuring that our users have a consistent trading and browsing experience.


Landing on a non-existing user profile page via mentions or notifications now shows a ‘user does not exist’ page. Announcement list mobile view has been fixed. The feedback regarding an unattractive underline feature while selecting notifications and content within notifications has been removed. There is also handle notifications that involves deleted user and handle cases where user click on notification that involves deleted portfolio.


Bug Fixes

This month marked a milestone for bug removal, and we’ve optimized issues relating to hashtags, and more. These optimizations were a number of small issues that have now been resolved and we would like to thank our Beta Testing group chat who have been instrumental in supporting us with ongoing feedback.


Some bug fixes for this patch include fixing multiple hashtags squashed together, resolving the issue of certain users not showing up in search result, activation email spacing issue, removing the gap between username & social count on user profile when a bio contains only empty spaces. Lastly, trimming extra white spaces from search text.