Application Release 1.1.4, 25 October 2021

Written Oct 25, 2021

Welcome back to the article that shines a spotlight on our product updates! This article is a full rundown of what’s new at Alpha Impact, from tools to adjustments. Let’s review patch updates #14!


Note: Refresh your browser to get the new updates.


Profile Movements

In addition to deposit/withdrawal records, all funds transfers in and out of SPOT accounts now are shown as ‘INFLOW’ / ‘OUTFLOW’ under the user profile’s movements tab. Followers will also receive notifications of such flow events (above a 1% threshold, to avoid notifications of small/dust referral based income)


10K Trading Competition

Our new Shrimp trading competition registration with up to 10K in prize pool rewards has launched. Go to our competitions tab or connect your API to join. We empower everyone to show their trading and investing skills!


Learn more about our trading competition here.


Hover for a preview

If you’re always curious about traders posting on the Discover page and what their portfolio is like, we’ve got you covered. While scrolling the Discover page, you can now preview a user’s profile, holdings and performance by hovering over their avatar.


UX/UI Enhancements

UX Enhancements

a) Improve query performance of fetching top 3 holdings of a trader

b) Auto-refresh application assets on timeout and logout to minimize burden of manual page refresh of future application releases/updates


UI Enhancements

a) Show appropriate cursor for not-clickable notifications

b) Remove underline on hovering over traders on Discover page

c) Rectify incorrect coin icons

d) Display icons for leveraged tokens


Bug Fixes

We’re all about making your experience smooth. Our development team has been quick to react to platform bugs and fixed several issues:


a) Edit media-only post causes error

b) BTC/ETH benchmark data fix for portfolio performance on 12 month view

c) Typo correction on successfully profile edit toast

d) Fix delete linked portfolio button with a long description



Last, but not least, thanks to our highly organized engineering department, we have developed efficient and organized codebase housekeeping and created a high availability database replication strategy to minimize system downtime.