Application Release 1.1.6, 22 November 2021

Written Nov 22, 2021

We just wrapped up our November progress updates and features so here are all of the product updates & launches for you!


Note: If you’re on the Alpha Impact web app, refresh your browser to get the new updates.


Stronger Security with Email Login

To better protect our growing user base from potential phishing attacks, we have made some modifications with our app login where users will be able to log in with their email address only which will enable stronger security authentication.


When logging into the app for the first time after the update, users will be asked to log in with their email addresses.


FOLO our New Slogan

Not a lot of people know this, but our original slogan was: “Don’t just trade, trade with Impact” We had a token migration a few weeks ago, and to address any confusion — we create a slogan where our community will be able to familiarize our new token, FOLO. We quickly integrated it into our app and you can see from our homepage the slogan has been updated to “FOLO a top trader!”


Enhanced Performance Chart Updates

Compared to our previous interface, we have adjusted the viewing of BTC/ETH performance when a user views a trader’s performance against BTC/ETH performance it will now display BTC/ETH performance value in the tooltip as well.

In the year performance chart, the tooltip shows the start and end dates of each interval which will provide greater clarity for the users on how each trader performs for each interval.


Updated Discover Page & Socials

We have seen many users and traders posting on our social feed and our dev team has been working on these incredible details which we are sure our community will enjoy.


Discover Page Filter

We have created an additional filter called “Year” filter in our Discover page for raw and risk-adjusted returns. We hope to support our users with a faster insights ability on our app.

The dev team has also updated the default filter to ‘month’ to better showcase each trader’s key profile returns.


FOLO Socials and Notification Display

Social is a huge part of our ecosystem so we have made significant updates to our social segment. We have improved each social post’s date and time to show exactly when the social post was posted.


Enhanced Traders Profile

  • Notifications Display has also been enhanced to showcases a finer precision of trade values for both LIMIT and MARKET orders (max 8 decimal places).
  • For better indication for both short and long term performance for day traders and long-term investors, we have updated each trader profile’s performance to ‘24hours, 30days, and 1year’
  • For traders who have not trade but connect their API, their portfolio performance chart will continues to plot empty values until they had at least a trade movement


Bug Fixes

  • Users can create an account with the same email after account deletion
  • Telegram notifications for initial trades/movements now fixed (instead of %infinity values caused by dividing initial portfolio value by 0)
  • Performance chart updates
  • Ensure benchmark dates and portfolio performance dates correctly align
  • For BTC/ETH performance benchmarks, adjust TWR based on the start date of user’s performance chart
  • Other minor bug fixes


Thank you to our amazing community for helping us achieve all that we have in the past few months. We look forward to sharing even more exciting updates in the near future so stay tuned.