Application Release 2.0.3, 14 January 2022 | FTX.com Referral Link and UX Enhancements

Written Jan 14, 2022

We’re wrapping up our December progress updates, and we’re excited to present our new product features to you! 


Note: If you’re on the Alpha Impact web app, refresh your browser to get the new updates.


FTX Portfolio Updates 

We’ve added a FTX account referral link, so you can now refer your friends who are using FTX.com to join our app! 

We’ve also added daily performance data point plotting for 7d and 30d charts, so you can now see the weekly and monthly performance of other traders, which will be reflected on their account profile. This will help you in deciding which traders to follow. 

The Alpha Impact app tracks FTX portfolio performance, both for assets and borrowed assets. This performance will be displayed on the trader’s profile in the form of time-weighted returns (TWR). To increase the accuracy of calculated time-weighted returns, we have adjusted our internal tools to ignore transactions in a trader’s account that are pending deposits until they have been confirmed. 


User Interface Enhancements 

To improve user experience (UX) on the Alpha Impact app, we have been working on several User Interface (UI) enhancements and we’re happy to announce that they are now ready!

We have improved the UX of the ‘Invite’ function for user accounts, and the social media channels through which you can share your Alpha Impact referral link now include Facebook, Linkedin, and Gmail.

Bug Fixes

We have conducted technical updates to fix a profile performance summary card issue that took place on the profiles of certain users that had both public and private portfolios linked.



As always, we would love to hear your comments and feedback! The development of our product is an ongoing process and user feedback is essential in our journey to make Alpha Impact’s platform better and more efficient.