Application Release 2.1.0, 7 February 2022 | 2FA Reinforcement and Account Security

Written Feb 07, 2022

Release Notes:

  • Enhanced Security – Gold-Standard OAuth provider integration
    • 2FA is now available
  • Responsive Menu (Hamburger) for mobile screens (First steps towards a fully responsive web app)
    • Removed collapsible side menu
  • Portfolio Enhancements
    • Total portfolio value (for Binance portfolios) can be privately seen when viewing own profile portfolio composition
    • “Hide small value” checkboxes will be hidden if the portfolio has no data
    • More robust data processing (auto-retry Binance network connection on failure)
  • Portfolio Linking
    • API trade key Expiration Date now viewable (if applicable) on linking new Binance portfolios (or by clicking the “refresh icon” for existing Binance portfolios)

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