Application Release 1.1.5, 10 November 2021

Written Nov 10, 2021

After months of development and hard work from our technical team, we will begin the rollout of a couple of new features this month. Let’s start off with the review of patch updates #15!


Note: If you’re on the Alpha Impact web app, refresh your browser to get the new updates.


Reposts can be seen on Global Feed

Followers will be able to see their reposts from other traders on the Global Feed.


Notification Filtered by “Trades”, “Social” and “All”

We have received feedback regarding notifications and with so many notifications coming in from trading to reposting or liking of the post, we have created a notification filter in the top bar where users will be able to filter between 3 filters for easy access. They are “Trades”, “Social” and “ All” respectively.


Enhanced User’s Portfolio

  • We’ve made significant updates to our user’s portfolios to ease some issues that we identified.
  • As there are some traders who connect their API but have not completed any trades yet, this might create confusion for new followers if they followed these particular traders, we have created a new feature where the User’s portfolio is now able to distinguish between ‘Empty portfolio’ and ‘No portfolio’
  • For users who have created additional portfolios wrongly or would like to delete their portfolio, we have edited the linked portfolio settings where the users can now click on the “Edit Portfolio’ to delete their portfolios.
  • We’ve also changed our portfolio description to be able to input longer descriptions input to multi-line input. This allows traders to have a better user experience and will be able to write long descriptions efficiently.


Manual Copy Trading teaser coming REAL soon

This is one of the most exciting features we worked on recently! While scrolling the Notification page, you may have noticed there’s a “copy” button on each trade notification. If you hover around it, you will see a little fire icon and that tells you Manual copy trading is coming soon! We can almost see the finishing line!


Shrimp Competition Extended

Our Shrimp trading competition registration with up to 10K in prize pool rewards has been extended. Go to our competitions tab or connect your API to join. We empower everyone to show their trading and investing skills!


Learn more about our trading competition here.


Bug Fixes

We’re all about making your experience smooth. Our development team has been quick to react to platform bugs and fixed several issues:

  • Reduced harmless and noisy errors in the developer console log
  • Discover Page null pointer error bug fix
  • Typo correction when hovering over avatars
  • Other minor backend fixes to internal tools



We hope the community can try it out, and validate the efforts put into the user experience and technical architecture of all these features.

Last, but not least, thanks to our highly organized engineering department, we have developed efficient and organized codebase housekeeping and created a high availability database replication strategy to minimize system downtime.