Application Release 1.1.7, 15 December 2021

Written Dec 15, 2021

We’ve recently launched selective copy trading on our Alpha Impact web app, and it is currently free for all users! We’ve also made updates to our platform. Let’s go on a journey of what our team has been working hard on over the last few weeks.

Note: If you’re on the Alpha Impact web app, refresh your browser to get the new updates.


Selective Copy Trading Is Now Enabled!

We have created a selective copy-trading feature that give users the advantage of choosing trades they want to follow from the top traders rather than automatically copying all trades made. Users will be able to receive notifications via Telegram or Email, prompting them of each trade made by the traders they followed and they can choose the amount, portfolio, and coin to copy.


New and Improved Privacy Option

We’re happy to announce a new and improved privacy option on our login/register page. Users will be able to hide their account balances, which means no one else can see their balances.


Trader Performance Updated

We are committed to enhance the trading experience, and as part of that commitment, we have optimized trader performance in the Discovery Page. Users will be able to see the most followed user’s trader performance from weekly to monthly.


Edit Profile — ‘Login’ Label Changed To ‘Username’

To ensure stronger security authentication, we have also changed our “Login” label to “Username” . This is made due to some modifications with our app login where users will be able to log in with their email address only.


Removed ‘Join competition’ Button After A User Connects Their Portfolio

We know the pain of additional sign ups. To ease any inconvenience, we have removed the “join competition” button to create a seamless process where traders will automatically join any ongoing trading competition by simply connecting their portfolio in Alpha Impact.


Unsubscribe Link Added In

At Alpha Impact, we manage thousands of users’ connections and trades and we want to allow users to follow and unsubscribe without any headache. We have added an unsubscribe link in our trade and movement email notifications.


Bug Fixes

Competition entry trade count is an integer now (not formatted as currency anymore).


As always, we’ll be eagerly anticipating your comments and feedback! The development of our product is an ongoing process and user feedback is essential in our journey to make Alpha Impact’s platform better and more efficient.