Important Information

Scam projects have made fake contract addresses with identical 4 first and last characters of the contract address. To avoid being scammed, ensure THE ENTIRE contract address matches the one found on our website and on the links below.


How to buy IMPACT on Uniswap

How to connect MetaMask to Uniswap

*DISCLAIMER: There are fake tokens being launched as IMPACT with the same 4 leading and ending alphanumeric characters as our address. It is very common for hackers and unauthorized third parties to create fake token addresses and impersonate crypto projects. These dishonest actors make tokens appear legitimate by using fake websites, fake Etherscan profiles, fake contract addresses, and fake telegram groups. Although Alpha Impact and its partners, directors, employees and associates take every effort to immediately report these occurrences, there is a delay between when we report scam projects and when those projects get taken down. Users should pay special care to check every alphanumeric character of the contract address, and to only receive news and updates from official channels listed on our website. Because the internet, Etherscan, and Uniswap are run by third parties, it is not possible for Alpha Impact to take down scam projects as quickly as they come up.