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Everyone has been ignoring exchange tokens! BNB could hit $500 based on the on-chain metrics. Check out my profile to view more...

img AndyHuang ADA

Here’s what BTC Dominance is telling me about possible price moves – watch out for this key number! BTC will hit $100K as soon as…

img TraderDave888

Here’s the key ratio I’m watching for on the ETH/BTC price level. BTC usually moves before ETH, so I’m waiting to see. After the weekend I think…

img AnonymousAndy

I’ve been waiting for AAVE’s new wallet to start boosting their price, and it looks like it’s starting! My price prediction is an 84% upside! It should begin….

img SarahJohnson

LTC IS ABOUT TO POP! My article is a little long, but if you read you’ll see my calculations. Worth the read!

img SherlynnXu

I think ETH will go to $3,000 within a short time! Based on the ETH 2.0 release, I’d expect ETH to start mooning as soon as …

img John Davidson

BTC has just increased to $61K – I think it will go back to $56K, but watch out for this one red flag once we do get there…

img DaveWang337

Alpha Impact Q4 Product RoadMap

Built by two banking veterans from crypto and traditional finance, the founders’ philosophy is to empower people to profit from cryptocurrency and endorse strong performance history- backed traders as opinion leaders.



  • Website Revamp
  • IX Swap Partnership
  • Beta Web [App Launch]
  • Enhanced Trading Performance Statistics
  • Algoblock Partnership
  • 100k Trading Competition Prize Pool
  • Community Product Demo
  • GIPHY integration
  • Refer a friend
  • UX Enhancement
  • Announce Plankton Competition Winners



  • Shrimp 10K Competition
  • Manual Copy Trading
  • UX Enhancement
  • Single Asset Staking Pool



  • Shrimp Competition Winner Announcement
  • IMPACT Wallet Infrastructure
  • FTX Exchange Integration

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