$1,000 Monthly Incentives Program

$1,000 Monthly Incentives Program

$1,000 Monthly Incentives Program

Earn from a monthly pool of $1,000 USDT while using Alpha Impact. Use your existing exchange account. No deposit is required.


How to join

Alpha Impact aims to provide long-term support and incentives for our traders and maintain a healthy social network for our community. The prize pool of $1,000 USDT will be split into 2 categories which reward the top 2 winners each month.

Here’s how to qualify for the Monthly Incentive Program:


Most Profitable

  • Results will be measured each month based on the Rate of Return on the Alpha Impact App.

    For example, if you invested $50 and closed the trade when it has reached $500, your return will be 900%.
  • Users with the highest monthly returns will qualify for a $500 USDT reward.

Most Engaging

  • Result will be measured by the number of quality posts on crypto-related content with the hashtag #TA in each month.
  • The posts with the best technical analysis / most quality content will qualify for a $500 USDT reward.

*Bonus*: Boost your followers base and get featured on Alpha Impact.
We’ll select several top traders to automatically gain new followers.
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