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Alpha Impact is a strong believer in empowering the crypto community by creating a beginner-friendly environment and democratizing the ability to earn money in crypto.

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How to Stake
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If you are an IMPACT token holder, you don't have to wait for our token price to rocket to make profits. You can make interest on your holdings through 2 methods we've implemented.

You can loan your IMPACT tokens on our Uniswap ETH-IMPACT liquidity pool and receive Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens in return. Other users who use the liquidity pool will pay a 0.3% fee that is distributed to all LP token holders.

To earn an additional reward on top of being an LP token holder, you can stake your LP tokens on our platform. You will need to join our Staking Pools.


Our Pools

Pool Registration Starts from 16th June to 21st June 7AM UTC
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Terms & Conditions:

Using staking pools carries a degree of risk. You acknowledge there is an early withdrawal penalty that means you may lose some or all of your APY if you withdraw before the designated time. To earn full APY, you must stake for the full period (respectively 3 and 6 months under the Lobster and Whale pools). You may exit the Lobster and Whale pools respectively after 2 and 3 months where you will receive a goodwill interest rate of 20% and 40% APY respectively. Any additional APY that was penalized from early withdrawals will be redistributed to the remaining stakers in the pool, therefore increasing their gains. By using the pools, you acknowledge that you understand that the value of your virtual assets may decline in value, that you will face a penalty if withdrawing early, and that you have read and consulted our full Terms & Conditions..

Criteria for

Alpha Impact Beta Testers

  • Frequent Trader (Trade more than 3-5 times a week)

  • Use Binance.com to Spot Trade

  • Traders need to link their Read-Only API Keys from Binance.com


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