Alpha Impact FOLO


The FOLO token is used on the Alpha Impact platform by users, who pay to get access to platform features and payments, and by traders, who receive rewards payable in tokens.


    1. We are providing an environment where users can subscribe to receive real-time updates from expert traders by using the FOLO tokens.
    2. We also unlock powerful tools for individual users to analyze their own trading across different exchanges. Finally, an automated, one-stop solution that doesn’t require users to download CSV files!


    1. Users can receive real-time updates when their favorite trader executes a trade.
    2. These can be retrieved through our application and through telegram. Trade alerts will soon be delayed, with real-time data only going to users who subscribe to the platform using FOLO.


    1. The company’s goal is to offer copy trading across various exchanges and products. To date, users can copy trade using spot, and we will be enabling futures copy trading in Q3 2022. Margin and options will be shortly behind.
    2. When automatic copy trading is launched in late 2022, payment for copy trading will take place in FOLO token in the form of monthly subscriptions. In 2023, we’ll switch this to a transaction-based fee, also based on the FOLO token.
    3. At some stage, we may enable payments in a token other than FOLO, however, we have no current plans to allow those who are not FOLO token holders to access copy trading.
    4. In the event we do unlock this to other currencies, users who choose to pay with FOLO will receive a discounted price.

Passive Staking

We believe in incentivizing traders to hold FOLO on the platform. Traders who receive fees paid in FOLO or deposit FOLO onto the platform will receive a passive interest rate of 5% per annum, paid monthly. Users who deposit FOLO on the platform will also receive this interest, payable in kind.

Staking (Native)

One core element of our strategy involves native staking. This involves depositing our token into a smart contract and earning a passive interest rate.

Staking (LP)

Our token is used to incentivize participants in our company liquidity pool, both ETH-FOLO ERC20 and WETH-FOLO on Polygon.


The Traders 100 Club is an exclusive community of our top 5 traders. They work with our top 100 VIP clients, who gain exclusive offline events, meetups, seminars, and more access to the traders. We have allocated 10 spaces in the program for our top 10 token holders, and those investors will gain the ability to get real-time trading support from our top 5 traders.

Discounted Access to Services

Services on our platform will be discounted for individuals who hold or stake FOLO tokens. The higher number of tokens on the platform, the higher the discount.

Reduce your fees

Stake tokens on the platform to save on subscription and copy trading fees.

Access to Third Party Analytics

We spend weeks at a time analyzing data, so you don’t have to. We have relationships with several market data providers to make your trading experience as relevant and well-informed as possible.

We negotiate with them to get you access to the best market data, on-chain analytics, and more, and we make these analytics tools available to users who stake or hold tokens on the platform.

Increasing your payout rewards

Stake tokens and increase the rewards you can earn as a top trader.


Users will have the option to tip their top trader in tokens. We consider this especially relevant where new users (who may not be copy trading) receive valuable insights from subscribing to the updates or analysis of a top trader from their subscribers’ social feed.

Top Trader Ranking

Users can vote in a monthly competition to nominate the best trader of the month. The cost to enter will be $5 in tokens per month. The trader who wins the competition will the pool of tokens and receive an increase in their fees (up to 100%) for that month, and one voter will receive free fees for the month to discount their fees the following month.

Proprietary Off-Chain Data

We have a rich data source populated by all the data we gather from being connected to exchanges.

When launched, we will make proprietary off-chain (exchange-settled) data available to users who have staked or hold tokens on the platform.