Get featured on the Alpha Impact leaderboard & increase your follower base

Want to showcase your skills and accomplishments?

Each month, Alpha Impact goes through an intensive round of selecting several top traders to be featured on our leaderboard.

Alpha Impact aims to help our traders build up their individual reputations and get recognized for their trading achievements so that traders can build follower base.



How to be featured on the leaderboard?

To be featured:

  1. Step 1: Make sure your exchange API is connected to Alpha Impact, and set to public. Private portfolios don’t count!
  2. Step 2: Share your skills and strategies on our platform’s news feed by making regular posts; OR
  3. Step 3: Trade profitably on Binance or FTX. (Pro tip: we include trades where you’re copying existing traders of our platform);


Here’s a sneak peek of what it might look like:

<Image is for illustration purposes only>



What kind of content should be posted to the platform?

When we started Alpha Impact, our vision was to solve a problem we all had when we started trading: filtering through the noise to find relevant and actionable information. Our users are looking for your help understanding the crypto markets. We understand everyone has different views, and we encourage you to openly share your views and investment philosophy on the crypto markets. This could include:

  • Relevant news stories
  • Technical analysis
  • Commentary on aspects of the markets that you find interesting
  • Your opinion on a specific coin. What have you been buying? Why?



What if you’re not on the featured leaderboard?

As the saying goes, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

Alpha Impact is a platform dedicated to supporting all crypto traders, beginners, and experts. If you aren’t selected for the leaderboard, check out what other traders are doing and saying, and build your own philosophy and perspective.

The Featured Traders Leaderboard changes all the time, and everyone has the chance to be featured. Our platform is here for you to learn and build your own following and community, starting with us! We’re excited to see your progress and growth on the platform and can’t wait for you to join us.

Feel free to follow our social media channels to stay tuned to all the updates!



About Alpha Impact

Crypto Made Easy.

Using our platform, users can improve their own investing by copying expert crypto traders. Traders with an existing strategy can earn money by having Alpha Impact users copy their trades.

Alpha Impact is a copy-trading social media platform designed to connect followers with professional traders. Users can connect their investment account to Alpha Impact to copy top traders in our community, get the latest market news from traders, and learn crypto investing from influential traders, masterclasses, and beginner guides. Traders can earn another stream of income from sharing trades, trading knowledge, and build industry reputation.

Built by two banking veterans from crypto and traditional finance, the founders’ philosophy is to empower people to profit from cryptocurrency and endorse strong performance history-backed traders as opinion leaders.


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