Terms & Conditions 

By submitting this form, you appoint Alpha Impact and/or its agents, nominees, employees, directors (“Alpha Impact”) to evaluate and, where applicable, to disburse FOLO tokens to token holders who have previously staked IMPACT or UNI V2 IMPACT tokens in a staking pool and who did not receive an airdrop of the FOLO token in November 2021. The determination of Alpha Impact in adjudicating whether a wallet qualifies for a disbursement of FOLO tokens is subject to the sole and absolute discretion of Alpha Impact. Even where a token holder shares all of the requested information, Alpha Impact may still decline to disburse FOLO tokens based on its sole and absolute discretion. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. By completing this form, Alpha Impact is neither making or soliciting an offer for investment. 


These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. If your claim is denied and you wish to appeal, please submit another claim and then message our team on our official Telegram channel. We will review these appeals on a case by case basis. Alpha Impact will make one disbursement of FOLO tokens per month. If you miss a disbursement in one month, you may claim to request tokens the following month. This claim form will remain operational from 22 November 2021 until 1 December 2022.

Alpha Impact is not liable for any loss whatsoever that is caused as a result of your use of this form, or for any other aspect such as loss of capital value, resulting from your use of interaction with any third party smart contracts, or resulting from your use or interaction with this form. Alpha Impact’s aggregate liability to the applicant who had filled in this form is limited to the number of FOLO tokens the investor would own if their IMPACT tokens had been swapped at a 1:1 ratio.  

In order to qualify for a disbursement of FOLO tokens, token holders must prove:

  1. That they owned IMPACT tokens which were deposited into a smart contract;
  2. That they have not previously received an airdrop of FOLO tokens for the same IMPACT tokens;
  3. That they control the wallet in question. Users may be asked to make a small deposit or transaction into the ERC20 wallet in question to prove ownership.


Please click on the ‘I agree’ button to proceed: