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asked questions

Is Creating An Account Free?


Do I Need An Account?

Yes, to create an account and copy a top trader, you are required to sign up for an account.

Do I Need To Deposit Funds On The Alpha Impact Platform?

No you do not. Alpha Impact never asks for a deposit.

How does Copy Trading work?

To copy trade, you’ll need to connect your exchange account to Alpha Impact. After this step is complete, you can press the “copy” button to perform the same trade as your top trader.

What size will my Copy Trades be?

With Copy Trading, you may choose any amount of $10 USD or more.

Where is Alpha Impact located?

Alpha Impact is located in Singapore and has team members from Canada, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, and China.

Do I need to copy trade to use Alpha Impact?

No. We have a social media network featuring memes, analysis from top traders, and more. Social features never require users to trade.

What tokens can be copy traded?

At this time, any tokens on your exchange can be copied on the Alpha Impact platform.

what our users say

I was fortunate enough to be one of the first users of Alpha Impact in 2021 and I have watched the platform evolve into a fantastic service. For me as a trader, it’s perfect as it allows me to track my portfolio’s composition, performance and the trades that I have been making in real time all in one place. The diverse knowledge base of the community on Alpha Impact is also extremely helpful. Being able to see what other traders are thinking/doing has bolstered my awareness of numerous projects and this has consequently influenced some of my trades. I would highly recommend Alpha Impact to traders of any level as it really is beneficial no matter your trading abilities.


The Alpha impact was my first non-custodial social trading platform for crypto and I just loved it. I like features to view & copy trades across various exchanges in one place from various pro traders. Due to existing trading community support, it’s very easy to learn, and with the help of various diverse traders’ teachings and patterns, you can learn the whole process of trading art and can become a trader too.


Alpha Impact has been great for allowing my family, friends and followers to follow my trades without the need to constantly update them with when/what to buy/sell. It also has very useful portfolio tracking tools that provide an objective view about my trading performance.


As a crypto enthusiast, I am always looking got easy ways, methods, strategies, and trading styles and bots. I am fortunate that I found Alpha Impact. With just a click, I can instantly copy trade some of the best traders that trades on Binance and FTX. Life cannot get an easier than this.

Elliot T.

Alpha Impact impressed me on multiple levels. There’s no other product that lets me look at trader portfolios for free.

Min kyong

I used to spend hours trading, but now all I do is follow a trader with stats I like and it does everything for me. It's the ultimate copy trading tool, and a must-have tool for crypto beginners, & experts.

Hong Yi

I've been using Alpha Impact for a month, and I've been loving it. It's still new so everything is free but definitely one of the easiest copy trading tools out there.


It doesn’t look like much but this has been the best way to grow your crypto wealth.


I’ve been pretending to be a crypto guru to friends when I’m actually following another trader here. Shh. Can you put me as anonymous?


It does everything for you. You don't need to know how to trade, all you need is a trader with good strategy and this app will execute it every time like clockwork.


They have fast customer service on Telegram and had my FTX up and running in 5 mins. Their website has made crypto trading so much easier for me, I just copy when I get an alert instead of worrying about watching the market or managing my portfolio.


I've been investing in crypto for over a year but with slow growth. Saw Chris ROI is 400%+. I can't believe I didn't find it earlier!


Crypto trading… I spent hours doing it. I spent hours doing it, and eventually I caught on to a few patterns, and maybe I got lucky when I finally made some money. Then I had to maintain that, and it became really stressful. And the problem is, this is just not my talent. So I decided to follow some of these traders, now I let Alpha Impact traders handle my Binance. Never been less stressed.


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