PARTNERSHIP | Alpha Impact partners with Definity to scale trader capabilities with exclusive trader tools

SINGAPORE, February 28th, 2022 — Alpha Impact is a DeFi-enabled social trading platform that lets users find and copy a top trader while keeping funds in their own wallets. Alpha Impact partnered with DeFinity with the collective vision of using technological advances to help traders make better-informed trading decisions.


DeFinity, an institutional digital asset ECN and DeFi marketplace for fiat Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies, partners with cryptocurrency copy-trading platform Alpha Impact to distribute AI-powered market anomaly signals covering a dozen digital assets.


“We’ve been relentless in working towards our mission of making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. On behalf of the whole Alpha Impact team, I’m excited to welcome DeFinity into the Alpha Impact lineup when our integration is complete.


Risk management is at the forefront of many crypto traders’ minds, and we’re excited about DeFinity’s ability to bring attention to the crypto trading landscape, including Alpha Impact’s no-gas copy trading platform,” commented Hayden Hughes, CEO and Co-founder of Alpha Impact.


Both projects launched on Cardstarter, a Cardano based launchpad, in 2021, and as they release their operational platforms saw the opportunity to partner and support their respective communities. With Alpha Impact’s trading capabilities and DeFinity’s technical analysis content purposed to advance bringing the traditional and crypto asset classes together from a trading view. The addition of the now live ‘anomaly indicator’ AI to the content distribution will give the combined communities unique insight into markets signals in the digital space, ordinarily reserved for top-tier institutional investors.


“As part of our goal to bring institutional pricing and revolutionary trading insights to retail traders we have partnered with the Alpha Impact, market leaders in democratising crypto trading.


We believe that some of the technological advances that we have made in the last 12 months would be hugely beneficial to the retail trading community and we are delighted to be able to distribute our technical analysis and risk management strategies to a broader demographic via Alpha Impact,” said Manu Choudhary, CEO and Co-founder of DeFinity.


DeFinity and Alpha Impact decided to partner with the knowledge that in combination they were supporting their respective communities with the knowledge to inform market opinions and the unique capability to observe top traders’ actions and act upon all these views.


About DeFinity

DeFinity is a financial technology firm powered and owned by DMALINK and WeOwn. DeFinity is an institutional digital asset ECN and DeFi marketplace for fiat Foreign Exchange, Cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies (CBDC). In addition to the digital asset ECN, DeFinity is a layer-2 protocol and decentralised exchange solution with a focus on interoperability, utilising existing blockchain frameworks such as WeOwn, Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain and Cardano. Harnessing the power of decentralisation within a strong regulatory framework, the firm is specifically geared towards the future support of central bank digital currencies and decentralised financial services for FX clearing.

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About Alpha Impact

Discover a smarter way to invest by copying professional crypto traders, or get copied to earn from your trading skills.


Alpha Impact is a copy-trading social media platform designed to connect followers with professional traders. Users can connect their investment account to Alpha Impact to copy top traders in our community, get the latest market news from traders, and learn crypto investing from influential traders, masterclasses, and beginner guides. Traders can earn another stream of income from sharing trades, trading knowledge, and build industry reputation.


Built by two banking veterans from crypto and traditional finance, the founders’ philosophy is to empower people to profit from cryptocurrency and endorse strong performance history-backed traders as opinion leaders.

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