All, App Releases 30 Jan 2023

Application Release 4.3 | Alpha Impact unveils new Dark Theme and Binance USD-M Futures Position Tracking

We are pleased to announce that the Binance USD-M Futures Position Tracking Preview is now available, and a dark theme has also been implemented as an...

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App Releases 09 Jan 2023

Application release 4.2 – Tired of sifting through spam?

Say goodbye to spam with the new release of Application 4.2. Alpha Impact now has a new function where our moderators will be able to revoke...

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App Releases 15 Dec 2022

Application Release 4.1 | Let your trades speak for you

Introducing our newest feature: Trade Remarks. Traders can now share their comments on a trade-by-trade basis, meaning that users will be able to see what each...

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Announcement, App Releases 01 Dec 2022

Application Release 4.0 | Earn More with Auto-Copy Trading and Daily Rewards!

Alpha Impact has just launched Auto-copy trading and a slew of web app updates, which will allow users of the platform to earn additional rewards while...

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All, App Releases 01 Nov 2022

Application Release 3.6 | Alpha Impact releases Progressive Web App – Bridging the gap between web and mobile apps

Alpha Impact now supports a progressive web app. Users can open the app directly from their desktop on their personal devices or phone, instantly gaining access...

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All, App Releases 17 Oct 2022

Application Release 3.5 | Get Private Signals and Market Analysis on Traders’ Announcements

Our trading & learning community, webinars, signals & market analysis by Alpha Impact traders will help you grow as a trader instantly. You might wonder what...

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All, App Releases 29 Sep 2022

Application Release 3.4 | What price did Top Traders set in FTX Advanced Orders?

With the new FTX portfolio tracking feature, Subscribers can now see what their Traders are trading in FTX Advanced Orders: Open Order & Trigger Order.  ...

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All, App Releases 19 Sep 2022

Application Release 3.3 | KuCoin Exchange Integration

KuCoin users will be able to track their trading activities on Alpha Impact now. You can monitor multiple trading streams in just one place!   Today...

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All, App Releases 12 Sep 2022

App Release 3.2 | New updated features

After launching Signal Subscription on Alpha Impact, our latest goal was to improve our user experience on a few platform features and ease navigation issues around...

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All, App Releases 22 Aug 2022

Application Release 3.1 | Trading Signal Subscription Now Available!

Alpha Impact Trading Signal Subscription is one of the most eagerly awaited and anticipated features of the Alpha Impact trading platform. We are excited to see...

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All, App Releases 03 Aug 2022

Alpha Impact July Recap | Crypto Guides, Winners, and What’s Next?

Since announcing the launch of Polygon Network in July, we can still see despite the current crypto bear market, savvy traders on Alpha Impact have been using...

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All, App Releases 29 Jul 2022

Application Release 3.0 | Profiting from Signals with FOLO

Many have been trading crypto in this bear market; however, few can trade profitably. Many are looking toward others for insights and know-how, which is what...

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All, App Releases 05 Jul 2022

Alpha Impact June Recap | FTX.US Support, Polygon Integration & Signals Monetization

This month has been filled with excitement and change. Alpha Impact has upgraded to a bigger space, which means more space for our creativity to grow...

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All, App Releases 24 Jun 2022

Application Release 2.8 | Portfolio Dashboard Revamp

It has been a busy week here at Alpha Impact, and we are happy to reveal our new portfolio dashboard! Not only that, FTX US copy...

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All, App Releases 13 Jun 2022

Alpha Impact May Recap | Resetting Portfolio History, Exchange Categories & More!

It’s that time of the month again for another Alpha Impact Recap! This month, there were many changes and improvements to the app to enhance your...

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All, App Releases 09 Jun 2022

Application Release 2.7 | FTX US Now Integrated with Alpha Impact

For those who were waiting on our exchange support expansion, we are delighted to announce that we now have FTX US exchange support on Alpha Impact!...

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All, App Releases 24 May 2022

Application Release 2.6 | Giving a fresh start to your portfolio

Alpha Impact introduces how you can revitalize your portfolio by resetting it. Let’s find out more about how to reset your portfolio and what are the...

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All, App Releases 18 May 2022

Alpha Impact April Recap | $1,000 Monthly Incentives program, Guest Mode & more

Hi, Alphas, Welcome to Alpha Impact April Recap! We know it’s already mid-May and a lot has happened in the past weeks so before the recap...

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All, App Releases 10 May 2022

Application Release 2.5.1 | Discover Top Traders by Exchange Categories

In this 2.5.1 release, we improved our “Discover” page to ease your search journey of finding the right trader by categorizing the best performers by each...

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All, App Releases 26 Apr 2022

Application Release 2.5.0 | Guest Mode is now LIVE

Alpha Impact is a popular service that allows its customers to profit by copying orders from professional traders. The service recently introduced major changes to its...

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All, App Releases 11 Apr 2022

Optimizing Mobile-friendly User Experience

Traders, did you know that you can use Alpha Impact on mobile? It is one of the best ways to check your portfolio or copy trade...

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All, App Releases 31 Mar 2022

Alpha Impact March Recap | Cross-Exchange Copy Trading, FTX Futures Tracking

In March 2022, Alpha Impact leaders took to the World Blockchain Summit’s stage in Dubai to share the latest features of the Alpha Impact platform: Cross-Exchange Copy...

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All, App Releases 25 Mar 2022

Application Release 2.3.2 | Improved Portfolio User Experience on Mobile

Alpha Impact now supports mobile logins! Now you can access to Alpha Impact app anytime anywhere! You can also track the returns and growth through the...

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All, App Releases 08 Mar 2022

Application Release 2.3.0 | Cross-Exchange Copy Trading Enabled

Why be stuck with 1 exchange when you can use 2 or 3 exchanges? Copy traders from FTX and Binance simultaneously. Simply follow a trader you...

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All, App Releases 28 Feb 2022

Alpha Impact February Recap  | 2FA & Mobile-Friendly Application

Users can now deposit FOLO on Alpha Impact using the BitGo wallet Alpha Impact’s newest updates are built with safety and traders in mind. Using BitGo’s...

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All, App Releases 21 Feb 2022

Application Release 2.2.0 | Integrated BitGo Wallet for Monetization

Alpha Impact recently integrated the BitGo wallet to provide exchange-level security for our users. Read more to find out other updates in this release.   Release...

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All, App Releases 14 Feb 2022

Application Release 2.1.1 | Responsive Menu for Mobile

In this release, Alpha Impact improved a few UI features to provide better user experiences such as a mobile responsive menu. Read and find out more...

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All, App Releases 07 Feb 2022

Application Release 2.1.0 | 2FA Reinforcement and Account Security

Alpha Impact‘s best interest is always providing the best security to our users. This release introduces what Alpha Impact improved on security.   Release Notes: Enhanced...

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All, App Releases 20 Sep 2021

Alpha Impact 2021 Q3 August-September Technical Updates (and more Q4 plans)

August and September flew by, and we’re back with another update! Be prepared as this is several weeks’ worth of updates. We’ve got some big announcements...

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