All, Announcement 07 Sep 2022

Top 3 ways Traders are Making Money in this Crypto Market

Crypto is often described by the traditional media as being “too volatile” and “unsafe for most investors.” We hear stories of people losing their savings, with...

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All, Announcement 01 Sep 2022

August 2022 Incentives Program Winners

Alpha Impact is excited to announce two August 2022 winners of the Monthly Incentives Program!   In August 2022, the two leading crypto assets, Bitcoin and...

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All, Announcement 15 Aug 2022

Signals Monetization is now LIVE!

For those waiting on Alpha Impact’s first monetization feature, we are delighted to announce that Signals Monetization is now LIVE on the Alpha Impact platform! Singapore, August...

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All, Announcement 08 Jun 2022

Alpha Impact is going LIVE on Polygon Network

Alpha Impact will be expanding to the Polygon Network, which allows users to trade FOLO tokens for cheaper gas fees at a faster rate to mitigate...

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All, Announcement 07 Jun 2022

FTX US Trading Is Now Live on Alpha Impact!

By connecting your FTX US account,  FTX US users can now fully experience and copy other traders’ portfolios and trading strategies on Alpha Impact. SINGAPORE, June...

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All, Announcement 27 May 2022

The first Incentives Program Winner Announcement (MAY 2022)

Alpha Impact recently launched the Monthly Trader Incentives Program at the beginning of May 2022 in order to incentivize great traders for their high performances on...

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All, Announcement 03 Mar 2022

Alpha Impact launches referral program with $10,000 in rewards

SINGAPORE, March 3, 2022 – To celebrate the launch of their BitGo wallet integration and ability to deposit FOLO in-app, Alpha Impact has created a referral...

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All, Announcement 19 Nov 2021

Claim your FOLO between now till 1 December 2022

Hey Alphas, Previously, we announced a token migration from IMPACT to FOLO to implement better features for our users. Many users were still in staking pools...

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All, Announcement 10 Nov 2021

Yahoo Finance announces Alpha Impact’s $100k Binance trading competition

SINGAPORE, November 11, 2021 — Alpha Impact’s $100k trading competition was announced by Yahoo Finance and has launched a second Binance competition for more traders or...

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All, Announcement 26 Apr 2021

Alpha Impact Closes $3.1m Funding Round

We are delighted to announce Alpha Impact has just closed its funding round, led by LuneX Ventures, Genesis Block HK and an undisclosed HFT firm. Please read more in...

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