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All, App Releases 22 Aug 2022

Application Release 3.1 | Trading Signal Subscription Now Available!

Alpha Impact Trading Signal Subscription is one of the most eagerly awaited and anticipated features of the Alpha Impact trading platform.

We are excited to see traders making use of this feature and defining their strategy in the “trader announcement”. Here are some of the updates we have been working on these weeks!



Alpha Impact created a new “Billing” page that details an overview of all paid monthly subscription fees and recent subscription fee changes. Subscribers will be able to see each trader that they follow and the amount they spend on subscriptions.


Without going to all the trader’s profiles, subscribers can also see from the “Subscription” page new unread trader announcements and trade signals notification breakdown at a glance.



Not sure what is the difference between Subscribers and Non-Subscribers?

Alpha Impact has also included a detailed feature breakdown between Subscribers vs Non-Subscribers (I.E. Followers) when a user attempts to subscribe.




Monetized Traders who would like to adjust their subscription fee can only change once a month.

This is mainly because we want it to be equitable for both the Trader and Subscriber. Subscribers will receive Telegram/Email notifications announcing the fee change.

Subscriber fees will only take effect after 2 billing cycles to give ample time to notify our Subscribers to prepare for the fee changes.



In our previous app release article, we talked about Polygon Wallet Address Support, which means that Alpha Impact Wallet is able to generate your unique Polygon wallet address on our platform. Besides depositing FOLO and using it for subscription, we have also enabled the withdrawals feature. Please be mindful that our wallet only supports the Polygon network only.

*Subject to Alpha Impact Ops team processing and batch withdrawal cycles


The telegram “App Feedback Channel” link moved to a more prominent location within the floating Feedback icon.

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to our App Feedback Channel.


Bug Fixes:

  • Retrospective BTC benchmark fixed corrupt 2021 data
  • Fixed selective copy trading bug where the user will see incorrect quote assets when making a copy trade (eg “ABUSD”)



  • Internal Ops dashboard to enable withdrawal requests
  • Updated phrasing for trade and movements that are smaller than 0.01% of users’ portfolio
  • Other minor UX enhancements, bug fixes, and house cleaning


About Alpha Impact

Crypto Made Easy.

Alpha Impact is a social trading platform designed to bring trust to crypto trading. Whether you want to copy an expert trader automatically or you’re already a crypto trader and want to build and monetize your following, we’re building the infrastructure to take the guesswork out of crypto trading.

Traders on the Alpha Impact platform are some top-performing crypto traders. In good markets or bad, our traders are incentivized to share their trades and trading strategies through the Alpha Impact platform. Finally, a place where users can filter through the noise and learn about crypto trading from experts with a visible track record. Even better, traders have an incentive to share their investment thesis, analysis of the market, and the reasons behind their trades.

We share our fees with traders, meaning that there is finally an incentive for expert traders to share their activity and views with crypto enthusiasts and beginners.

Built by experts from the traditional finance space, our philosophy is to empower everyone to become a crypto trader. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn from an expert, or an expert wanting to get paid, we’re here to democratize access to this industry, one trade at a time.

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