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Top 3 ways Traders are Making Money in this Crypto Market

Crypto is often described by the traditional media as being “too volatile” and “unsafe for most investors.” We hear stories of traders losing their savings, with platforms going bankrupt. We also hear stories of people trading crypto to become exceedingly wealthy, sometimes from just one trade.

The truth is Crypto is here to stay. What has started as a passion for many has turned into a full-time career, including for Alpha Impact Co-Founders Austin Chaird and Hayden Hughes, who have designed Alpha Impact, Asia’s premium social trading platform for traders who are new to crypto.

Back in 2020, the two co-founders were being chased for their crypto investment expertise. Chaird has commented, saying “Word eventually got out that I had made 1,800% during the course of the 2020 year, and everyone wanted to talk. The problem was, that I had no incentive to share my expertise with friends and family. Even if I spent all my time helping everyone else trade, I still wouldn’t have had enough for the volume of requests I was getting.”

Enter Alpha Impact. Hughes and Chaird have built Alpha Impact to be a platform where beginners can safely learn from an expert. Before starting to invest, people can learn from experts in two ways. First, they can see what expert traders are talking about on the platform’s Newsfeed, similar to Twitter. However, there’s one key difference to Twitter: only traders who have connected their accounts to the Alpha Impact platform can register as experts. This means that users can see the trading history of each trader. The second way that beginners can learn about trading is by receiving real-time alerts when an expert trader makes a trade. Users have the choice to follow the trader of their choice, and whenever that trader makes a trade, the user receives an update directly to their mobile phone.

Traders on the Alpha Impact platform are deeply experienced, and many traders have generated excellent investment returns despite the recent market downturn. Many have asked how it’s possible to profit in a market downturn, and there are a few strategies that have proven to work time and time again:

1) Look for signs the market is overbought or oversold

This sounds more complicated than it is: we’re looking for moments in time when there has been a strong wall of price movement in one direction. These trades appear briefly, when there’s absolute madness, and the market is at peak FOMO or peak paranoia. In terms of how to spot these overbought signals, many traders use RSI.

Traders Technical Analysis on Bitcoin 2-week chart - image source

2) Technicals

This one also sounds more complicated than it really is. Although technical trading can get, well, technical, the basic principle is that price levels that mattered before can matter in the future. Was there a previous area where prices couldn’t breach? That same price level may act as a ‘floor’, or area of support, in future bullish runs.

3) Fundamentals

In Crypto, fundamental analysis involves looking at the aspects of a network that demonstrate growth. Does the network have any users? Are there many transactions? How does this network compare to other networks?

With all of these tools, our traders have been able to generate consistent returns. As of September 7th, 2022, when we wrote this article, the crypto market was down more than 50% in a 12-month period. Our top traders have increased the value of their portfolio:

1. FluffyPony29: 342% Year to Date
2. Chris: 155% over the past 12 months
3. Askyway: 1,300% Year to Date

Until next time: may the trend be your friend. Here’s from all of us at Alpha Impact to you.

-The Alpha Impact team

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