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AI-Enhanced Daily Rewards: Get More with Relevant Posts | What’s New in Version 5.9

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Earn daily rewards when traders make posts with the new AI powered moderator feature

We are excited to announce our latest release which brings a host of new features, improved user experience, and bug fixes to ensure that you have the best trading journey with us. Let’s dive into the exciting enhancements!

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Modified Daily Reward Claims with Enhanced AI Moderator Integration

We have integrated our Daily Rewards claims with our enhanced AI moderator to ensure even higher relevance in posts. Now, users can claim daily rewards only for posts marked with high relevance by our AI. This integration aims to optimize your browsing experience, providing you with valuable content from the trading community.

Introducing the ‘Appeal’ Feature for Low-Relevance Posts

We understand the importance of user engagement in refining our AI model which might not be accurate 100%. That’s why we’ve introduced the ‘Appeal’ feature. If your post has been marked with low relevance by our AI, you can ‘Appeal’ it for human moderator review. We will notify you if your appeal succeeds, and if it does, your daily rewards will be automatically re-credited to your wallet. Your valuable feedback helps train our AI model and benefits the entire Alpha Impact community.

If your post gets flagged by our AI moderator, don’t fret! Take control and hit the “Appeal” button🤞 Let our dedicated human moderators review your post for its true value and potential. Here’s a short demonstration of how I tried to appeal for a post that has been moderated by AI.

Making an appeal to revert AI decision and make your post relevant

Appealing the AI moderator’s decision

And…you wait till the verdict is in! You’ll receive an in-app notification revealing whether your appeal succeeded or faced a setback. No matter the outcome, each step in the process helps train our AI for a smarter platform.

Traders will receive notifications when their post appeal gets accepted or rejected

Notification for appeal status

If your post gets approved, you will also receive a notification the same way and you’ll now be able to claim your hard-earned reward. Please do keep in mind that you can only claim daily rewards once every day, so if you’ve already claimed for the day, you will not be able to claim again via the newly-approved post.

Automatic Reward Adjustment for Previously Relevant Posts

Posts that were previously marked ‘relevant’ by our AI moderator but later deemed irrelevant by our human moderators will result in claimed daily rewards being reverted. This ensures that our rewards accurately reflect the relevance and value of posts in the platform.

UX Enhancements for a Seamless Trading Experience

Streamlined User Experience: Enhanced Selective Copy Trade, Improved TP/SL Settings and more!

New & Improved ‘Selective Copy Trade’ UI

Our updated UI layout for Selective Copy Trading feature is now aligned perfectly with our updated company branding. Additionally, we now provide clearer explanations of why a selected portfolio cannot be used for selective copying.

A more user friendly UI when subscriber wants to selectively copy a trader's trade

New and improved selective copy trade UI

Improved TP/SL Setting UX:

Viewing previously set Take-Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) settings when trying to auto-copy a trader’s portfolio is now available! If you’ve already set a TP/SL on your portfolio prior to auto-copying, it will be automatically shown when you try to auto-copy for your convenience.

Show ‘Activity’ Tab by Default in Guest Mode

For moderator profiles, the ‘Activity’ tab will now be displayed by default in Guest Mode, making it easier to access relevant information.

Enhanced Post Viewing

Viewing Posts and comments with lengthy content are now more manageable. Clicking on the ‘See More’ button will keep the post in the expanded state even when you click to view its thread for easier readability.

Other Minor UX Enhancements

Scalability improvements, and house cleaning

Join us in exploring the exciting world of auto-copyable portfolios for monetized traders and unlock the potential for profitable trading with Alpha Impact!

Happy trading from the entire Alpha Impact team!

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