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Auto-CopyTrading Rules for Binance Futures

Binance USD-M Autocopy

As you embark on this exciting journey of auto-copytrading Binance Futures (USD-M) portfolios on Alpha Impact, here are the key rules that we would like you to keep in mind. Please note that COIN-M support is currently under development.

1. Closure of existing positions/open orders

Upon successful commencement of auto-copy on Alpha Impact, automatic closure/cancellation of any existing positions/open orders will be triggered in the copier’s USD-M portfolio. This ensures a clean slate of portfolio’s performance, allowing copier to fully embrace the trade activities and strategies of the trader’s USD-M portfolio.

2. Resetting of Copier’s USD-M portfolio

The trade activities of Copier’s portfolio will also be reset upon successful start of auto-copytrade to provide a clear visualisation of the portfolio’s performance.

3. Transition to Single Assets Mode

On top of automatic closure of positions/open orders, copier’s USD-M portfolio will also be adjusted to Single Assets Mode. This mode optimizes copier’s USD-M trading experience, enhancing control and risks in their portfolio management.

4. Fixed Copy Amount per Order

Copier is required to set a fixed copy amount that will be used per trader’s position. The amount cannot exceed Copier’s USD-M portfolio account value.

5. Maximum Leverage of 5X

As part of Alpha Impact’s aim to minimize risks for Copiers, there’ll be a maximum leverage limit set at 5X.

6. Supported Trading Pairs (USDT, BUSD) 

Given the nature of USD-M trading mechanism on Binance, Alpha Impact’s Auto-copytrading for USD-M portfolios supports USDT or BUSD trading pairs only.

7. Immediate Cancellation of Trades

As a Copier, any trades executed independently on the portfolio will be immediately closed by Alpha Impact’s AI system. This mechanism minimizes disruption in the alignment process with the strategies of the top trader.

8. USD-M Portfolio Requirements

To kickstart your auto-copytrading journey, there’re some important requirements set for a Copier‘s portfolio.

  • Ensure your USD-M portfolio does not exceed a total value of 1000 USDT and BUSD combined. This requirement sets the stage for optimal performance and successful copying.
  • Ensure that you have futures trading permission enabled on your exchange account. This step guarantees a smooth connection between your Alpha Impact account and the exchange.

As for Traders who would like to make their USD-M portfolio(s) auto-copyable, just remember to maintain a minimum total value of 20 USDT and BUSD combined in your USD-M portfolio.

For both Traders and Copiers, please ensure that your portfolio has our IP addresses whitelisted on your exchange account:


As we venture into this groundbreaking chapter of auto-copytrading for Binance Futures (USD-M) portfolios, these rules safeguard a rewarding and secure journey for all. With Alpha Impact’s commitment to innovation, transparency, and trading excellence, the future of trading is brighter than ever before.

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Ready to master the art of Futures auto-copytrading? Dive in now and elevate your trading game on Alpha Impact’s platform!

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