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Unveiling Insights from Composition History: What’s New in Release 6.7

In Alpha Impact’s latest release, a game-changer arrives with the Composition History Chart. Traders gain insight into portfolio evolution through a visually intuitive stacked area chart. The update also includes displaying wallet balances in USD, simplified Take Profit/Stop Loss settings, and UX enhancements for a smoother trading experience.

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Improved Asset Composition History

Dive into the past and unravel the evolution of your portfolio with the addition of retrospective composition data. Visualize these changes through improved composition history chart visualizations, now presented as a stacked area chart for a more intuitive understanding.

Simply hover over the Composition History chart as shown above and explore how your portfolio’s composition has changed over time. You may also click on any point of the charts to study the composition of the assets that you were holding at that time, providing you insights on the relationship between your performance & your asset holdings!

Take a look at other traders’ composition history too by exploring some of our best traders on the Discover section.

Wallet Balance Chart Support for SPOT portfolios

Your SPOT trading convenience just got a major boost! Now, easily view your wallet balances in USD, providing you with a clearer view of how your portfolio’s been performing over time.

As seen above, try clicking on any point of the charts to view your asset holdings for that timestamp.

Note that you’ll be able to view the SPOT wallet balance chart for Binance SPOT & KuCoin (Trading Account) portfolios.

UX Enhancements

Comprehensive Tooltips for Binance USD-M PnL Gauge

We always believe in providing comprehensive portfolio tracking to all users. That’s why we’ve added tooltips to explain the Binance USD-M PnL win rate and ratio gauge, ensuring you have all the understanding you need at your fingertips.

Absolute TP/SL Wallet Balances

Precision meets simplicity! Setting Take Profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) is now a breeze with simplified set up where you just need to define the absolute value of your wallet balance that you would like to TP or SL at, offering you better control over your trading strategy. For example, if my portfolio’s current wallet balance is 100 USD, I simply need to set a TP at 120USD.

Other Minor UX Enhancements

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