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All, App Releases 20 Nov 2023

DeFi Portfolio Management: What’s New in Release 7.0

Greetings, Alpha Impact community! We are thrilled to announce the latest release 7.0, packed with groundbreaking features and UX enhancements that elevate your trading experience to new heights.

In this release, we introduce the eagerly awaited DeFi Portfolio Management, a game-changer that allows you to connect with any wallet on the Ethereum mainnet and seamlessly track and share your portfolio performance for your on-chain wallet.

DeFi Portfolio Management

Connect, Confirm, and Conquer!

With our new DeFi Portfolio Management feature, you can effortlessly connect your wallet, confirm its ownership, and let Alpha Impact do the rest. We will diligently track your wallet performance over time, providing you with valuable insights into your on-chain assets.

Connect an ethereum wallet

Firstly, go to linked portfolios page to connect your very first on-chain portfolio. Simply click on the “Wallet” tab — we currently support metamask wallets and more options will be coming up soon!

Click on “Connect Wallet” and choose the account that you would like to connect on our platform.

Once successfully connected, prove your ownership of the wallet by clicking on “Verify wallet”.

Remember to fill up other mandatory fields! You may choose to make your on-chain portfolio public/private and you also have the option to make your porfolio’s absolute values viewable by all.

Do take note that other users on our platform will not be able to see your wallet address at all times.

And..that’s it! You just created your first defi wallet portfolio with Alpha Impact!

Look whose portfolio is being tracked on Alpha Impact! 👀 You can explore how this portfolio’s assets have varied over time by clicking on different data points on the charts.

Transaction history, NFTs tracking & many more exiciting features are currently under development!

Security First

To ensure the integrity of our platform, we’ve implemented measures to prevent the tracking of portfolios with potential scam coins. Rest assured, our portfolio management will only monitor assets listed on CoinGecko, maintaining a secure and reliable portfolio experience.

UX Enhancements

In our continuous effort to enhance user experience, Alpha Impact 7.0 brings several exciting updates:

Extended Delay for Non-Subscribers

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re extending the time frame for delayed trade and movements to 2 weeks, providing greater protection over monetized profiles’ trading strategies against non-subscribers.

AI Moderator Upgrade

Once again, our AI moderator has undergone significant improvements to better detect plagiarized post content, ensuring a cleaner and more trustworthy community environment.

Other Minor UX Enhancements, scalability improvements, bug fixes and house cleaning

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