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Unlocking Web3 Portfolio Performance: What’s New in Release 7.1

In Alpha Impact Release 7.1, we would love to introduce some fantastic enhancements that promise to elevate your trading experience in both Web3 & Futures USD-M portfolios. Let’s take a closer look at what’s in store.

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Web3 Portfolio Performance

Embark on a journey of comprehensive insights into your linked Web3 portfolios. Owners can now analyze the performance and composition of their connected Web3 portfolios, providing both absolute and percentile values (don’t worry, absolute values are only visible to yourself unless you change the visibility settings). This powerful tool allows you to gauge the success of your investments with precision.

You can compare your PnL based on change in wallet balance against BTC’s % return!

Featured Portfolios

Web3 portfolio owners can now showcase their portfolios as “Featured,” making them easily accessible from their Profile summary card. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a budding investor, this feature adds a layer of highlight on your Web3 portfolio.

For Followers and Subscribers

For non-owners (Followers and Subscribers), we’ve streamlined the experience by displaying percentile values. As mentioned above, if the owner enables “Show Absolutes” in their portfolio settings, non-owners can access absolute values as well. This flexibility ensures that everyone in the Alpha Impact community can tailor their portfolio management experience to their preferences.

Flex Your Trades with Shareable Futures PnL Result Badges

Calling all Futures traders! Now you can showcase your trading prowess with sharable Trade PnL cards. Post them on the Home Feed or download and share them on other social platforms. These eye-catching graphics include essential details such as leverage, PnL values, and token prices, allowing you to share your successes with the world. Make your mark in the crypto trading community with style!

Simply navigate to your portfolio with the position that you would like to close and click on Close Position button, as highlighted above.

Upon successful closure of your position, the above pop-up will appear showing you a preview of shareable trade badge of the closed position’s details. You may configure the options such that you share only the details that you’re comfortable sharing with the rest of the community! If you would like to share this on other socials, you may click on the download button too.

UX Enhancements for a Seamless Experience

Optimized KuCoin Portfolio View

To enhance user experience, we’ve updated the default KuCoin portfolio view to the “Trading” section. This change streamlines access to historical and current asset composition data for trading account of your KuCoin portfolio, ensuring you have the most relevant information you need at your fingertips without having to toggle between different accounts.

Futures Open Positions Simplified

For futures traders, we’ve improved the default setting for “Futures Open Positions” to display “Actual Unrealized PnL (%).” This enhancement simplifies the tracking of your positions and provides a clearer picture of your performance.

Other Minor UX Enhancements, scalability improvements, bug fixes and house cleaning

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