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Introducing Paper Trading & Thematic Traders | What’s New in App Release 8.1

Alpha Impact’s Release 8.1 brings exciting enhancements to paper trading with the Paper SPOT Trading Portfolio with over 1,200 coins to explore. Additionally, the new Thematic Traders category on the Discover Board highlights top-performing thematic strategies, enriching the trading experience and providing more opportunities to learn and engage with expert traders. Let’s dive right into Release 8.1 😄

Make sure to refresh your browser to experience all the latest updates.

New Features

✨ Paper SPOT Trading Portfolio

Users with a paper portfolio linked on Alpha Impact can now engage in paper trading with an initial balance of 1,000 AlphaUSD*, automatically deposited into the paper portfolio upon successful linking.

1,000 AlphaUSD funded upon successful linking of Paper Portfolio

With Alpha Impact’s new in-app Marketplace, you can now market trade over 1,200 coins (excluding stablecoins), ranging from Blue Chips, AI, and even memecoins!

Try searching for “Pepe” 🐸

Click on the dropdown and choose the crypto of your choice. Currently the options are sorted according to the market cap.

Traded with high risk and left with no more AlphaUSD? There’s a convert function available on Marketplace page (or the “Trade” button available on your paper portfolio page), where you may convert either your FOLO balance or credit (or both) to acquire more AlphaUSD to continue paper trading!

Do take note of the different conversion rate for balance and credit.

*AlphaUSD: Simulated stablecoin exclusively for paper trading on Alpha Impact with no monetary value outside of the platform.

🚀 Discover Board Enhancements

Thematic Traders category has been added, showcasing portfolios of different thematic investments such as:


Thematic Traders Category

Their deep portfolio insights are limited to subscribers only, so click whichever thematic investment strategy suits you and start subscribing! Do let us know if there’s any other particular thematic trader’s portfolio you would love to follow on Alpha Impact.

Paper Trading Masters, a new category showcasing top-performing paper traders has also been added onto the list, making it even easier for users without real portfolios to see where they stand in the community. (Also, try spotting the good ones before our next application release 👀 **hint** **hint**)

Paper Trading Masters Category

Currently supports Binance SPOT & USDM, and KuCoin SPOT portfolios.

UX Improvements

  • Updated over 10,000 coin images to ensure the most recently updated coin logos are displayed on Alpha Impact.
  • Users can now link their Telegram account directly within the app without the need to add a Telegram username.
  • Clear indications on paper portfolios that the balance is completely virtual, which means that the fund that you see in your paper portfolio is not eligible for withdrawal requests and it is purely for you to gain experience at trading without risking your own funds.


Minor Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • Minor UI fix to differentiate self-executed paper orders (from Alpha Impact Marketplace) from copy-traded paper orders, allowing users to see which trades were copied from lead traders’ portfolios and which were self-executed.
  • Added Max Of Drawdown (MOD) metrics for wallet balance and cumulative PnL charts for Binance USD-M portfolios.
  • Resolved cache issues in the Whale category of the Discover page, ensuring optimized daily performance updates.
  • Fixed mobile dropdown rendering issues, ensuring proper display and functionality.
  • Addressed profile edit page errors related to login edits (min 4, max 15 characters).


About Alpha Impact

Crypto Made Easy.

Alpha Impact is a social trading platform designed to bring trust to crypto trading. Whether you want to copy an expert trader automatically or you’re already a crypto trader and want to build and monetize your following, we’re building the infrastructure to take the guesswork out of crypto trading.

Traders on the Alpha Impact platform are some of the top-performing traders in crypto. In good markets or bad, our traders are incentivized to share their trades and trading strategies through the Alpha Impact platform. Finally, a place where users can filter through the noise and learn about crypto trading from experts with a visible track record. What’s even better is that traders have the incentive to share their investment thesis, analysis of the market, and the reasons behind their trades.

Built by experts from the traditional finance space, our philosophy is to empower everyone to become a crypto trader. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn from an expert, or an expert wanting to get paid, we’re here to democratize access to this industry, one trade at a time.

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