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Monetization of Paper Portfolios | What’s New in App Release 8.2

As always, Alpha Impact brings a host of new features and improvements designed to enhance the trading experience for our users. Release 8.2 particularly focuses on mitigating various painpoints that our users have expressed in the past by introducing monetization of paper portfolios, advanced risk management settings for auto-copy trading and many more!

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New Features

😎 Monetization of Paper Portfolios

With the upgraded monetization feature, traders can now build a track record and prove their trading skills more easily without having to link an exchange API key from Binance or KuCoin on Alpha Impact (yes, we know it’s been a real pain-point for many of our users 😿🙏)

Simply link a Public Paper portfolio on Alpha Impact and remember to monetize your profile if you haven’t already.

Just key in the name and the quick note (optional) and you’re all set! Take note that your paper portfolio has to be public if this is the only portfolio you’ve linked and you wish to monetize on Alpha Impact as we require ALL monetized traders to own at least one public portfolio at all times.

This allows you to further demonstrate your trading prowess without having to go through the relatively longer procedure of linking your exchange API keys, or risking your real funds and be able to attract potential subscribers who wish to gain insights from your paper portfolio’s trade signals.

Once you have monetized your profile, your real-time trade signals will go behind a paywall, visible only to paying subscribers (non-paying followers will only receive the signals that are 3-months delayed). This is a great opportunity for aspiring traders to start *earning from monetization without the risk of losses from real trades on a real exchange portfolio.

Don’t know what to do with your Paper portfolio next? Head over to our Marketplace to begin paper trading with the 1,000 AlphaUSD that has been automatically deposited to your portfolio upon successful linking. Here’s a more detailed guide on Paper Trading if you are interested!

*Attracting other users to subscribe to you may require other forms of effort, such as active social engagement (e.g. insightful technical analysis of current market trend, price prediction, or could be as simple as sharing of the latest memes of the hottest memecoin right now 👀), interesting composition of assets of your paper portfolio, oustanding portfolio performance etc.

🌠 Upgraded Auto-Copy Trading Feature

Alpha Impact’s auto-copy trading feature has been significantly upgraded and revised since it’s first launch to improve our users’ experience.

On top of being able to monetize using a paper portfolio, this release also includes an update that allows monetized traders to set their paper portfolios as auto-copyable, allowing subscribers to automatically copy a paper portfolio using their real Binance/KuCoin SPOT portfolio.

You may set your paper portfolio when monetizing your profile, or you can set it up under monetization settings too.

Imagine, you are able to exercise your trading strategies using a paper portfolio which would expose zero real loss to yourself in monetary terms AND at the same time, you can **set it to be auto-copyable by other Alpha Impact users, potentially helping to convert more followers to subscribers!

And that’s not all. Binance Futures USD-M copiers now have a better risk management tool to fine-tune their risk settings that allows them to set a maximum copier leverage that they’re comfortable with (ranging from 1x to 5x).

This would mean that your leverage will be capped at 3x.

You may adjust the max leverage at any point of time (even when you’re auto-copying another portfolio) by clicking the Risk Management Button.

Additionally, we have introduced a 1% maximum slippage limit for all copiers, so that in scenarios where the slippage exceeds this maximum limit of 1%, these trades will not be copied, thus protecting copiers from copying trades at bad entry prices.

**Do keep in mind that there may be risks that your copiers will be exposed to from the trades that you execute using your auto-copyable paper portfolios as copiers will be using their real exchange portfolios that they have linked on Alpha Impact. (Paper portfolios can’t be used to auto-copy a paper portfolio)

🔈Thought Leadership and Content Synchronization

To boost our community engagement and help to convert more of your followers to subscribers, private announcements with preview or teaser content will now be auto-synchronized to Alpha Impact’s main Telegram channel. This integration ensures that your followers stay updated of your sharings (albeit just a preview) on the platform, and are more likely to subscribe to gain full access to your exclusive content.

UX Improvements & Minor fixes

  • For Futures USD-M portfolios’ MDD (Max Drawdown) percentage values, we now display them as “ — “ when the values are out of range (below 0% or above 100%) to minimize confusion.
  • Cleaned up tooltips displaying timestamps or time intervals for the various performance charts so that it provides a better clarity of the data points being visualised via portfolio performance charts.

Calculation of Cumulative TWR from 09 Mar 24 to 10 Mar 24 is recorded as 73.27%.

For example, TWR charts for SPOT portfolios when viewing daily time intervals will have a tooltip showing a range of two dates (as shown in the screenshot above), as TWR is calculated during the two dates. For other charts such as composition history or wallet balance charts, their tooltips will display just a single date e.g. 09 Mar 24, which would mean that the value of that data point on 09 Mar 24 represents the wallet balance recorded at the 09 Mar 24 00:00:00 UTC mark.

  • The previously non-scrollable gauge charts displaying average P&L ratio and win rate of Binance Futures USD-M portfolios have been updated to be auto-scrollable at the top of the USD-M portfolios so that it doesn’t require much effort for users to view these charts.
  • Minor changes to standardize layout, colors, formatting, and loaders for a cleaner look across the platform.
  • Addressed the issue where the KuCoin wallet balance was only available for the trading account of KuCoin portfolios.
  • Made a fix for some of the home feed posts not being forwarded to Alpha Impact’s main Telegram channel via the Telegram bot, which was caused when the author of the post has escaped and/or special characters in their Telegram user login.


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