PARTNERSHIP | Alpha Impact & IX Swap bridges copy trading crypto market with tokenized stocks

SINGAPORE, 1 October 2021 — We are proud to announce a partnership with IXSwap, the Uniswap for Security Tokens and tokenized stocks.


IX Swap is the pioneer of liquidity pools and Automated Market Making (AMM) functions for the Security tokens (STO) and tokenized stock (TSO) industry. IX Swap will facilitate trading security tokens through licensed custodians and security brokers which will provide actual ownership and claim over real world assets. We are excited to integrate IX Swap’s tokenized assets into the Alpha Impact platform to help us scale markets to copy trade.


Copy trade tokenized stocks and hold real assets

With this partnership, we see our copy-trading platform branching out from only covering top crypto coins to including tokenized stocks. This unlocks a greater market that includes being able to copy trade actual assets in real estate, private companies and capital stocks.


“We’re excited to partner with IX Swap because of our core belief that digital securities will represent an increasing proportion of all stock trading in years to come. We are excited to partner with IX Swap and consider this to be the best of both worlds: a market leading copy trading platform and a market leading digital security DEX. We look forward to working together and are excited. The future is bright!” declares Hayden Hughes, CEO of Alpha Impact.


IX Swap’s community will gain the ability to make smarter investments in a new space like tokenized private company stocks by following traders with good performance history trading these tokens, or by being a trader and making a passive income.


“We are excited to partner with the team at Alpha Impact to strengthen and grow the IX Swap community. Being able to work with Alpha Impact will help us in creating more awareness and exposure towards IX Swap through new trading groups and this exciting partnership!” exclaims Julian Kwan, co-founder of IX Swap.


Copy Trading Today

Today, our copy trading successfully sends trading alerts to users and will launch selective copytrading in November. This partnership marks a key step for Alpha Impact as we create a truly empowering platform that can scale profitable trading (and smarter investing) to hundreds of millions of people, while also having the ease of passive income.


We look forward to welcoming the IX Swap team and are excited for the possibilities of what we can build together.