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All, App Releases 29 Sep 2022

Application Release 3.4 | What price did Top Traders set in FTX Advanced Orders?

With the new FTX portfolio tracking feature, Subscribers can now see what their Traders are trading in FTX Advanced Orders: Open Order & Trigger Order.


Our customers’ experience is very important to us, so the Alpha Impact Team is working on improving it all the time. This has been over a few weeks in the making, and finally, we have been building this portfolio tracking feature which we hope will be simple enough for beginning traders yet powerful for professionals.


Profile > Portfolios

FTX Advanced Orders Portfolio Tracking (*NEW*)


Alpha Impact subscribers can now access and track their favorite subscribed Traders’ FTX Open Order & Trigger Order portfolio. This includes Limit, Stop Limit, Stop Market, Trailing Stop, Take Profit and Take Profit Limit.

This feature will only be visible to paid subscribers when they subscribe to a monetized trader.


Non-monetized Traders will not have this feature, so we recommend monetizing your portfolio now!



Portfolios Categorised as Featured, Public or Private



All portfolios are alphabetically sorted now except the Featured Portfolio, which will be pinned to the top. Now you can categorize your own portfolios as Featured, Public, or Private for better tracking of your personal accounts!


For monetized traders, if you want to Private one of your accounts, you need to demonetize your portfolio to change this setting.


*Please note that once you “Demonetize”, you will lose all your current subscribers.*

Portfolio Tagging


Monetized Traders can now enhance each of their portfolios by using tags. This helps to organize and sort their portfolios for their subscribers.


Account with Margin


Margin Accounts (e.g. borrowed assets) will now represent all non-borrowed asset composition totaling 100%.


Previously non-borrowed asset composition (using margin) could be represented by >100%

• E.g. >%150 previously indicated 50% of assets were purchased by borrowed assets

This might confuse some new traders or subscribers as the assets might not be fully representative of the full assets as it was borrowed assets. Hence, Borrowed assets are now viewable under the Composition segment, which shows the breakdown of non-borrowed assets.


Profile > Earnings


Now for the most exciting part, when can Monetised Traders get their monetized earnings?

Alpha Impact will release the earnings on the 1st of each month. The monetized earnings will be split into FOLO Credits and FOLO Balances according to how the subscriber paid.

• E.g. A subscriber that pays their subscription with FOLO balance will be paid to the Monetised Profile as FOLO balance

• E.g. A subscriber that pays their subscription with FOLO credit will be paid to the Monetised Profile as FOLO credit

You can see on the Profile page under “Earnings” a breakdown of details now has FOLO balance and credits itemization.




To build a user-friendly Alpha Impact ecosystem, the team has consolidated Subscriptions consolidated via the in-app Notification from the top navigation bar — making the understanding and use of Alpha Impact as simple, streamlined, and enjoyable as possible.

In-app Notification is now filtered by Real-time/Delayed or Subscribed/Followed Profiles.

Followers following monetized traders (Followers are users who did NOT Subscribe but follow traders on the platform) will be able to see 3 Days Delayed notification, which is only available in-app only.

3 Days Delayed notifications will not be available in the Notification Preference (Telegram/Emails).




The rewards page directly has a quick copy of your own referral sign-up bonus code

• Login/Registration pages now promote KuCoin (along with Binance, FTX & FTX.US) exchange integration

• Other minor UX enhancements, bug fixes, and house cleaning

Alpha Impact team is dedicated, focused, and in this for the long haul — and we appreciate everyone’s continued support in these trying times.

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