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All, App Releases 30 Jan 2023

Application Release 4.3 | Alpha Impact unveils new Dark Theme and Binance USD-M Futures Position Tracking

We are pleased to announce that the Binance USD-M Futures Position Tracking Preview is now available, and a dark theme has also been implemented as an option for user convenience.

Today, Alpha Impact’s latest update has rolled out what everyone has been waiting for: Binance USD-M Futures position tracking and the reveal of Dark Theme on the Alpha Impact Platform.

The new Binance USD-M Futures position tracking feature on the Alpha Impact platform allows you to easily monitor your own open positions as well as gain insight into the positions of other successful traders.

The team also believes the Dark Mode will help reduce the glare and eye strain caused by bright screens. This can be especially helpful for traders who spend long hours trading on their screens.

Some of our community members had noticed the change before the lunar new year, but keep reading to find out what the team has been up to for this release!

Release Notes: Do refresh your browser to get the new updates.

New Features

Don’t miss a trade — track your Trader’s Binance USD-M Futures position now

When a trader opens a Binance futures position on Alpha Impact, you can view open position details, their real-time asset composition, and the margin mode they are using. This will also give you an indication of when to get in the market, and you can deduce the trader’s performance based on the positions they open.

For traders who love Futures with leveraged long/short directional trades, this is your time to shine on Alpha Impact. Our community is always looking for traders who understand how to diversify their portfolios and have the ability to magnify their gains or losses.

This could be your chance to top the leaderboard on Alpha Impact and gain social exposure.

Do note that, as a Futures trader, you will only be able to view the following pop-up above after you complete the following steps:

  • Sign up/ Log in to your Binance account.
  • Open your Binance Futures account.
  • Connect your exchange account to the Alpha Impact Platform.
  • Fund your Binance Futures account.
  • Futures contracts are used to trade.

For more information on how to open your Binance Futures account, click here

Hello, Dark Mode My old friend

Alpha Impact now supports dark mode!

With v4.3, you can toggle between a light mode and now a dark mode. There will be a short guided in-app tutorial on how to toggle between light and dark themes for existing users who first log in.

Dark themes also help to reduce the luminance emitted by device screens, while still meeting minimum color contrast ratios. They help improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, adjusting brightness to current lighting conditions, and facilitating screen use in dark environments — all while conserving battery power.

Find out which coins are rising in popularity

The Alpha Impact team creates coin tagging for users who want to see how the coin is doing in TradingView. You can view the pop-chart by hovering over the post using the “$” prefix (example: $FET).

Got flagged on Alpha Impact? Here’s why.

For users who want to take a look at the Alpha Impact Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Content Policy, you will be able to see them at the left-menu footer.

If your content or posts got flagged on the Alpha Impact Platform as per the image below, you might be flagged for reasons like inappropriate content or spam. So please refer to our content policy or contact our community managers on Telegram.

Home Feed

Full-Screen Images: Enhancing Your Viewing Experience

Alpha Impact is now rolling out its new post-image display format, which means you’ll be able to preview any images in full size, and they’ll now appear within your timelines.

Check out my GIF!

Simplify your sharing experience by posting GIFs, media, and Trade Remarks without the need for a description. Now you can let the media speak for itself.

Smooth Sailing: Improved Scrolling Experience

We can see there are a number of new users and traders coming to the Alpha Impact Platform. To enhance the user experience, we have improved the Newsfeed scrolling on the Alpha Impact Platform.


Explore the new look of the Alpha Impact Website

Alpha Impact has come a long way since we first considered creating our own brand identity to make the website more user-friendly and seamless for our customers and traders.

We understand the importance of providing our users with a high-quality website that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. That’s why we are dedicated to continually working hard to upgrade and improve our website.

Here are some of the pages we changed:

Revamp Home Page

  • Easier Navigation: Improved Top Navigation to each page
  • Explore: Drop-down titles for the breakdown of each page
  • Learn More: Videos explanation for traders and users
  • Who’s on top: Leaderboard to show our top traders
  • New to the platform? Learn how to get started

Revamp Product Page

  • Easy to Sign Up: Discover top traders in just 3 steps
  • Trade to Earn: Introduction to Traders’ Monetization
  • Trade on Alpha Impact: Trader’s benefits and why you should
  • Subscribe on Alpha Impact: Subscriber benefits and why you should
  • Auto-Copy Trading: Introduction to Autocopy and Copy Trade with step-by-step guides
  • Stay Ahead: Check out our updated 2023 Roadmap

Alpha Impact knows that the needs of our traders, customers, and users are constantly evolving, and we are committed to staying ahead of the curve so we will be constantly gathering feedback and analyzing data to identify areas for improvement for our website and app to make it an ideal platform for the needs of our users.

Bug Fixes

  • Show paginated data for Binance Limit Orders in Portfolio Page to prevent the application from crashing when loading thousands of order records
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Moderators can now Hide Irrelevant posts from the global feed
  • Deleted content will now refer to the content policy
  • Other minor UX enhancements, scalability improvements, and house cleaning

About Alpha Impact

Crypto Made Easy.

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