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All, App Releases 17 Feb 2023

Application Release 4.5 | Preparing for KuCoin Auto-Copy: Spot Portfolio Gets New Wallet Sub-Views

To facilitate the forthcoming KuCoin Auto-Copy feature, Alpha Impact has recently introduced distinct wallet sub-views on Kucoin Spot Portfolio.

With this new development, Alpha Impact is gearing up to introduce more features that will improve the trading experience on our platform.


Alpha Impact has created separate wallet sub-views within the Kucoin Spot Portfolio, allowing users to view their traders’ combined (Main, Trading, Margin), Main, and Trading Portfolios.

The sub-views aim to enhance the user experience by making it easier for traders to manage their wallets and track their investments.

Alpha Impact Binance Futures now includes account equity (in multi-asset mode).

With account equity now visible, traders can make more informed decisions about their trades and risk management strategies.

Top Navigation Bar

You can now access your portfolio by clicking on “Account” in the top navigation bar, without having to go to your “Profile” page. However, if you haven’t linked your portfolio, you won’t be able to view it this way.

To learn how to link your portfolio, please refer here.


Filter Out the Noise: Introducing Auto-Moderation for the Global Feed

With great power comes great responsibility, and as we have embraced the concept of free speech on our social platform, we recognize that there will be trolls, spammers, and individuals who abuse the system.

To address these issues, Alpha Impact not only has 4 moderators on our platform but we have also implemented auto-moderation to tackle these spam and trolls.

The auto moderator will be moderating based on low-relevance posts from the global feed. For a definition of what is considered low-relevance posts, please refer to the Content Policy.

More Opportunities to Follow the Best: 3 Pages of Featured Traders to Explore

Now followers and subscribers can check out the “Featured traders” section where you can follow and subscribe to the top performing traders on Alpha Impact.

For traders who want to be in the “Featured traders” section, please contact us on Telegram to check on your eligibility.


Update: FTX Portfolios Excluded from Monetized Profiles and Top Traders Leaderboards

Following the collapse of FTX, some traders on Alpha Impact who previously traded on FTX still had high-performance portfolios at the time FTX went dark. As a result, some FTX traders were still ranked on current leaderboards.

To provide a better user experience, we have separated traders who have FTX as their main portfolio. You can now choose top-performing traders from Binance or KuCoin to follow and subscribe.

Alpha Impact knows that the needs of our traders, customers, and users are constantly evolving, and we are committed to staying ahead of the curve so we will be constantly gathering feedback and analyzing data to identify areas for improvement for our website and app to make it an ideal platform for the needs of our users.

User Experience

  • FTX portfolios can no longer be set as a Featured Portfolio
  • Added a guided tour on how to make a copy trade when adding a Trade to a Post, but no trades exist
  • Clicking on the Alpha Impact logo will refresh the app (e.g. PWA Desktop refresh)


  • Other minor UX enhancements, scalability improvements, and house cleaning

About Alpha Impact

Crypto Made Easy.

Alpha Impact is a social trading platform designed to bring trust to crypto trading. Whether you want to copy an expert trader automatically or you’re already a crypto trader and want to build and monetize your following, we’re building the infrastructure to take the guesswork out of crypto trading.

Traders on the Alpha Impact platform are some of the top-performing traders in crypto. In good markets or bad, our traders are incentivized to share their trades and trading strategies through the Alpha Impact platform. Finally, a place where users can filter through the noise and learn about crypto trading from experts with a visible track record. What’s even better is that traders have an incentive to share their investment thesis, analysis of the market, and the reasons behind their trades.

Built by experts from the traditional finance space, our philosophy is to empower everyone to become a crypto trader. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn from an expert, or an expert wanting to get paid, we’re here to democratize access to this industry, one trade at a time.

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