What’s in your Home Timeline?

Your Home feed is a feed of content posts that shows all the posts that Alpha Impact users post. You’ll also see the latest news and updates on Alpha Impact, featured traders that are performing well in Alpha Impact and also new technical analysis, and market trends that are posted by traders that you might be interested to follow.


A Curated Feed just for you — “Following Traders”

You can click on “Following traders” to display a stream of content posts from traders’ accounts you have chosen to follow on Alpha Impact.

You can choose between viewing the top posts in “Following Traders” first, or the latest posts first in your “Everyone” timeline on the Home.

You can find instructions on how to toggle between the two timeline views below.

Recognized Traders on “Featured Traders”

You may see this “Featured Traders” table on your timeline’s right side. These traders are traders that we have been monitoring and have been trading for a period of time on Alpha Impact. To see each trader’s trading portfolio performance, hover over the trader profile picture that you would like to view and you will be able to see their performance in the last 24 hours, 30 days, and all-time trade data.

To be featured in “Featured Traders”, the traders will need to be assessed by the Alpha Impact Team as well as a private online meet-up to verify the trader’s background and validate each trader’s authenticity and strategies.

To enquire more you can go to our trading channel : https://t.me/alphaimpact_fi_trading


Want to post privately to your Subscribers Only?

By selecting this icon, Monetized Traders can choose to share their post content with the public or their subscribers. These contents are mostly signals or market analyses that traders have done, which are extremely helpful as they aid in deciphering the best market trends and making the most profits out of the trades.

For Subscribers, once your subscribed monetized trader posts privately on their trader announcement channel, you can also see it on their social feed. This is exclusive to Subscribers only.

Subscriber-Only Posts (in the Home Feed) are only visible to Subscribers (Non-Subscribers will see a placeholder image to encourage them to Subscribe)

Whereas, Followers who are following the monetized trader but have yet to subscribe to them will NOT be able to see the Trader Announcement. Followers can only see a placeholder as shown in the image below.

This feature will only be visible to paid subscribers when they subscribe to a monetized trader. To learn how to subscribe, head over to