Discover: What it is and what’s on the Discover Page?

What is “Discover”

Alpha Impact aims to make discovering top traders easy and user-friendly for all users. By toggling between “Traders” and “All users”, you will be able to choose to see traders in different categories or all our users on the Alpha Impact platform.

To deliver a good user experience, the Discover page “All Users” segment presents all users’ profiles but as you can see there are some profiles that you will not be able to follow/subscribe to.

This is to filter out content that’s not desired or that might create noise for our users. For example, some new users who do not connect to any public portfolio might show misleading information or recommend tokens that they are not holding, or even content without any context.

Alpha Impact believes that “Transparency is the key”. Many traders proclaim they are good traders by “showing” the screenshots of their “successful” trades only. It’s more than that. It’s about consistency in trading and most importantly, transparency in their portfolio.

So if you would like followers to follow you on the Alpha Impact platform, you would have to connect to exchange and publicize your portfolio first.

To learn how to publicize your portfolio on the Alpha Impact platform, you first have to select which exchange you would like to use first. Alpha Impact supports the following exchanges, Binance, FTX, FTX.US, and Kucoin.

To read the guides on how to connect to any one of the exchanges above; click:


What does each category on the “Discover” Page mean?

Alpha Impact currently has 5 categories. The categories are

  • Monetized Profiles
  • Most Followed
  • Top Traders
  • Risk-Adjusted Returns
  • All Traders


Why did Alpha Impact have categories for their Traders?

Choosing good traders to copy is hard! There are good traders to copy on all social trading platforms, but it takes some intensive time and skills to find them. Alpha Impact does the evaluation for you based on the traders’ trading performance. Alpha Impact even breakdown to the exchanges of each trader so you simply just need to know what exchanges you’re on and find the best traders from that category!


To understand what each categorized Traders are based on:

Monetized Profiles

Traders who are in this category are all traders who have publicized and monetized their portfolios. Alpha Impact tracks and ranks these traders based on their top monthly returns on the platform.

You can hover your cursor over the trader’s profile picture to have a quick view of their 24 hours / 30 days or even their all-time performance %.

Want to be like one of the traders under “Monetized Profile”?

Learn how to monetize your profile: https://alphaimpact.fi/2022/07/29/profiting-from-signals-with-folo/

Most Followed

The easiest way to identify a great social trader is to investigate how much other followers trust them. You might want to consider the profits those followers are getting by following that Trader’s signals as well.

You can click on Trader’s followers count and you can have a quick view of their follower performance as well. Hover over each follower profile for a quick view of their 24 hours / 30 days or even their all-time performance %.


Top Traders

“Top traders” are traders who publicized their portfolios and achieve the highest returns based on the timeframe you select. You can choose based on the exchange you’re in and see the top trader’s performance based on hour, day, week, month, year, or all time.

Currently, Alpha Impact supports Binance, FTX Futures, and FTX Spot. You will also be able to connect your Kucoin if you’re using Kucoin as well. We will be integrating Kucoin in soon so look out for our updates!

If you are looking to open up your first trading account, take a look at Alpha Impact. Alpha Impact is the FIRST to create categories based on the exchanges that you’re in. You can simply find the top traders in the exchange you are in and learn to trade from them. The best part is that you can copy the trader’s trades!


Why do I need to subscribe and copy Top Traders’ trades?

On Alpha Impact, you can choose to follow a trader but we would recommend you to subscribe to the trader as not only do you get REAL-TIME SIGNALS when the trader trade as well as you will be able to QUICKCOPY their real-time trades as well.

Here’s an example of a trader’s trade activities if you subscribe:

* When you follow a trader, you will only be able to see the trader’s 3 days delayed trade activities.

For more detailed information on what’s copy-trading and how it works? https://alphaimpact.fi/2022/09/30/how-to-copy-trade-on-alpha-impact/


Risk Adjusted Returns

Risk adjusted returns is defined as the ROI / Risk. Where risk is calculated as the changeability (volatility) of ROI. This is officially known as the Sharpe Ratio.


Understanding how the Sharpe ratio works

Under 1.0 is considered bad.

1.0 is considered acceptable or good.

2.0 or higher is rated as very good.

3.0 or higher is considered excellent.


When you compare the performance of a trader besides checking on the returns of their portfolio, you should also consider the returns generated by the amount of risk taken to earn these returns. “Risk-adjusted returns” categories are useful for comparing these factors.


All Traders

Under “All Traders” category are all our traders on Alpha Impact. You can look for all traders here.

*Traders are users who connect their exchanges but choose to publicize or private their accounts*

For more questions:

Go to Alpha Impact App Feedback Channel: https://t.me/+b2qrQINLDX45MGFl or contact us by filling out the form below Help Center.