Subscriptions: What it is and what’s on the Subscriptions Page?

What are “Subscriptions”?

The “Subscriptions” page helps you to see an overview summary of the traders you subscribe to and also the breakdown of each payment that you paid to your subscribed traders at regular intervals.

What is on the “Subscriptions” Page?

For users who have not subscribed to any traders, your subscription page will look like the following below and you will see that there is no subscription in place.

To begin your subscription journey, it’s recommended that you start by following some traders on the “Discover page” and subscribe only when you feel confident that the trader is consistently making well-informed trades and has a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market. A good trader never rushes into trades without proper analysis and preparation.

For users who subscribe to a trader, you should be able to see the traders to who you are currently subscribed in the “Active Subscriptions” section.

As a subscriber, you can easily view the monthly fee for each of the monetized traders you follow on Alpha Impact. Additionally, Alpha Impact provides a conversion feature that allows you to view the monthly fee in either USD or an estimated value in FOLO.

You will also have visibility of the upcoming billing date.

What does each icon mean here?

Active — This means that the trader you are subscribed to is still actively trading

Expiring — This indicates that the subscription for the trader is expiring, which could be due to insufficient FOLO funds or the trader potentially demonetizing their profile.

Auto-copyable — If a trader has enabled the “Autocopy” feature on their profile, it means that you can automatically copy their portfolio as a subscriber.

Trader Announcement — The subscribed trader has just made an exclusive trader announcement on his profile. This is only exclusively for subscribers that are subscribed to this specific trader.

Trade Notifications/Signals — These trade notifications or alerts are provided by the traders you subscribed to. This indicates their current buying, selling, or holding activity for specific cryptocurrencies. The purpose of these trade notifications or signals is to assist subscribers in maximizing their profits and earnings together with their subscribed traders in this cryptocurrency market.

Mute/Unmute — You can use this bell icon to mute/unmute specific traders. By muting, you won’t be notified of new signals from the trader that you mute for the chosen time period. You will still be able to view the notifications/signals by navigating to the trader’s profile page.


What does “Expired Subscription” mean?

When a subscription has expired, it means that the period of time for which a subscriber has paid has come to an end, and they are no longer able to access the trader’s signals. In order to regain access to the signals, the subscriber must either renew their subscription or wait for the trader to re-monetize their profile.

You will be able to see the reason under “status”, if you have any issues or questions, feel free to contact us on Telegram.

Why do I need Alpha Impact Traders’ Notifications/Signals?

Crypto signals are trading recommendations that utilize market analysis and technical indicators to assist people in making informed decisions about purchasing or selling cryptocurrency.

These signals are used by subscribers to save time, benefit from the expertise of experienced traders like Alpha Impact Traders, and increase profitability by identifying opportunities to enter or exit trades at optimal times based on their trading expertise and track record. By following these signals, subscribers can benefit from the knowledge and experience of these traders to make more profitable trades.

To read the guides on how to connect to any one of the exchanges above and auto copy/copy trade, click here:


How do I receive Alpha Impact Traders’ Signals?

To receive trade notifications or signals from the traders you follow or subscribe to, you can choose between connecting your Telegram or Email.

Click on your profile on the top right hand of the platform. Under “Account” click on “Settings”

You will be able to see there are 2 options for Alpha Impact Notification Preferences.

We recommended that you connect your Telegram account as you can choose to mute the notifications on the Alpha Impact platform or on Telegram if it’s too many notifications.

Please be mindful that the notifications might be overwhelming if the traders execute trades on a regular basis or use High-Frequency Trading (HFT) and trading bots to help them quickly enter and exit a crypto asset.

How do I mute some Alpha Impact Traders’ Notifications/Signals?

To mute the notification, you can go to Telegram and search for @AlphaImpact_bot and select “…” in the top right-hand corner and click “mute”.

OR you can go to the Alpha Impact Platform, click on the “Subscriptions” page, and click on the “bell” icon.

If you would still like to know the traders’ trading status, do not worry as you will still be able to receive notifications on the Alpha Impact platform’s top notifications bar.

For more questions:

Go to Alpha Impact App Feedback Channel: https://t.me/+b2qrQINLDX45MGFl or contact us by filling out the form below Help Center.

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