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Alpha Impact June Recap | FTX.US Support, Polygon Integration & Signals Monetization

This month has been filled with excitement and change. Alpha Impact has upgraded to a bigger space, which means more space for our creativity to grow and for the platform to grow. Despite the bear market, we hope you guys are still doing well in trading!


Recap: June 2022



Monthly Incentives Winner Announcement (June)

Most Profitable Trader — CroBoss

Despite it being a bear market, CroBoss has still managed to keep his portfolio in a profitable position, gaining 11.77% in June. It is difficult to keep your trades in a profitable position at this time and day, and yet CroBoss does it so easily! To copy his trades, visit his profile and click copy trade to earn like him. Congratulations on your profits in June, and we look forward to your gains in the future!

Most Engaging Trader — Triple Threat Profit (TTP)

In the bear market, we definitely rely on experts for their analysis of the market to understand and identify the market movements. For the month of June, TTP has shared many insights on our Alpha Impact platform and helped many of our users identify potential shortfalls and opportunities in these difficult times. The team at Alpha Impact is grateful for your detailed insights and for being so gracious in sharing with the community. Congratulations, and we look forward to your future analysis and tips!


FTX.US Trading now LIVE on Alpha Impact

In the month of June, Alpha Impact released FTX US integration with our platform. There is now support for FTX US for real-time portfolio tracking and trade/movement notifications, as well as copy trading. The integration will work similarly to other exchanges such as FTX and Binance.

If it’s your first time connecting your account, simply head over to these guides for more information:

  • How to link to FTX?
  • How to connect to FTX US?


Polygon Network

Alpha Impact will officially launch on the Polygon Network in July, in line with the firm’s series of tools to allow traders’ monetization on the platform.

FOLO tokens will be launched on the Polygon blockchain in July, which will increase the liquidity for users who hold these tokens. The launch of FOLO tokens on the Polygon Network will allow our expert traders to monetize their insights and trades. This will also allow Alpha Impact to use these tokens as payment for traders, which will be used as a central currency on the platform itself.

Following our announcement on the Polygon network going live on Alpha Impact, we now have a new feature to generate your unique Polygon wallet address on our platform. This is in line with the release of FOLO in the near future and our upcoming feature: Trader Signals Monetization!

*FOLO tokens currently held by current users on the Ethereum network will be in conjunction with the FOLO tokens and will not be affected by the launch.


Signals Monetization

The firm’s first product, Signals Monetization, will allow expert traders to directly monetize their expertise by customizing a fee that Alpha Impact charges its users who will receive access to updates, trade alerts, and proprietary insights that each trader publishes. Signals Monetization will also be launched in conjunction with the launch of the Polygon blockchain.


Website Revamp

Our website has been revamped this month, with new pages such as “About us”, “Product” and a new design. This is a very exciting change for us at Alpha Impact, do go check our new website out! We are constantly improving our user interface, and more pages will be added to our website soon. If you have any suggestions for our website, do feel free to discuss them among our community on Telegram.


Platform Feed Improvements

Our user interface has also been improved, in line with the upcoming feature of Signals Monetization, some new features will provide you with convenience in comparing your various portfolios, even portfolios from different exchanges.

The Alpha Impact platform unveils a brand new portfolio dashboard view, with an updated performance chart, a new composition pie chart, trade history as well as movements and positions.

Our new portfolio summary view will also allow users to compare all trader’s portfolios at one glance quickly. This is especially useful when viewing traders with multiple portfolios.


In-App Survey

Alpha Impact has also rolled out our in-app survey so that you can provide feedback to us anytime and anywhere.


Crypto 101 Articles

For the month of June, we have also released a few articles about the current market conditions as well as some terms that you might be interested in learning more about:


Youtube Videos

We have also released videos this month, including Navigate With Me, Crypto 101, and some short clips from Blockchain Fest 2022.

Here are some videos that you might be interested in:

This month has been exciting and filled with changes, we hope you guys enjoyed all the new content we have been producing this month. Do look forward to the release of Polygon network integration and Signals Monetization, which is slated to be released in July!

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We share our fees with traders, meaning that there is finally an incentive for expert traders to share their activity and views with crypto enthusiasts and beginners.

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