How To Link your FTX.com API Keys so you can copy trades or be copied

Hey Alphas,

Alpha Impact has recently launched FTX.com integration on our web app. Read more to find out how to link your FTX account in 5 simple steps!

What is an API key?

An application programming interface (API) key is basically a code used to identify and authenticate an application or user. When you provide this key to Alpha Impact, our servers will be able to connect to your FTX exchange account and reflect your FTX.com account information on your Alpha Impact profile.


Watch our video guide instead:


Step 1: Log into FTX.com on desktop (not mobile)

Log into your FTX.com account on desktop (not mobile), and click the settings icon in the top right corner


Step 2: Create API key

Click on ‘API’ on the bottom left of the page and click on ‘Create API key’

Copy the API key that is generated


Step 3: Log into Alpha Impact

Go to your Alpha Impact Account (web app) and log in. Click ‘Link Portfolio’, then select ‘Link More’.


Step 4: Create a portfolio

Give your FTX portfolio a name and description

Tip: Give your portfolio a name by which you can identify it! For example, ‘Day Trading’ or ‘Investing’.

Select FTX as your choice of exchange to integrate, input sub-account information if you are using an FTX sub-account.


Please Note: For users using multiple FTX sub-accounts, you can link only one sub-account to Alpha Impact at one go. To link your other FTX sub-accounts, you will need to repeat this 10-step process again.

For the sub-account connection to be successful, the sub-account name given on Alpha Impact must match the name of your FTX sub-account.



Step 5: Paste your FTX keys

Paste in the FTX API key previously copied in Step 2.


Go back to FTX.com and copy your API secret (not the same as API key).

Go back to your Alpha Impact account, and paste the API secret.

And you’re done!

Do remember to make your portfolio public to other Alpha Impact users to gain followers and begin monetizing your trades!

Once you have successfully linked your API keys, your FTX portfolio performance, composition, trades, and movements should be displayed on your account dashboard within a few minutes. If you are experiencing any issues, please contact us at [email protected].


Want to find out more about our FTX.com integration launch? Read more here.



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