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How to buy MATIC on FTX.com?

There are many ways to acquire MATIC, but in this guide, we will go down to how to buy MATIC on FTX.com.

1. Register or Login to your FTX.com exchange

Firstly, go to FTX.com and register/login to your account.

2. Search “MATIC/USD” from the list of assets

Use the search bar and search for “MATIC/USD” to move on to the next step.

3. Buying MATIC

Once you are on the MATIC/USD page, we will proceed to purchase MATIC. [This will assume that you already have USD in your wallet, if not, click here to learn how to purchase USD.] We will execute this order as a Market Order so that this transaction will be executed immediately. (When you market order, you agree to buy or sell at whatever price someone else in the market is offering.)

*Note: New users can only buy tokens after KYC is done on FTX.com.

To buy MATIC:

  1. Select your order type (We recommend using Market Order)
  2. Key in the amount of USD you want to exchange to MATIC
  3. Click “Buy”

After buying MATIC, you can go to your wallet to check whether the transaction has been successfully executed.

4. Sending your MATIC from FTX.com to your MetaMask wallet

Firstly, ensure that your MetaMask wallet is connected to FTX.com and that your current network is set to the Polygon network before withdrawing your MATIC.

*To learn how to connect your MetaMask wallet to Polygon, click here.

If your MetaMask wallet is not connected to FTX.com, you can manually connect your wallet to the FTX.com website. Click “Connected sites” and click “Manually connect to current site”.

Once the browser extension shows you are connected to the FTX.com website, you can start the withdrawal process.

What are the fees for transferring MATIC from FTX.com to MetaMask?

There are no fees on deposits and withdrawals, except for ETH, ERC-20 tokens, or small BTC withdrawals. FTX users will pay the blockchain fees for all ETH, and ERC-20 tokens unless they have FTT staked.

To withdraw your MATIC, go to your wallet on FTX.com and find the MATIC available in your FTX.com wallet. Click “Withdraw”.

On the withdrawal page, enter the amount of MATIC you would like to withdraw, as well as your MATIC wallet address (MetaMask wallet address: You will be able to find your MetaMask wallet address on the MetaMask extension on the Polygon network), address name and 2FA code.

*Do note that any mistake in the wallet address will result in the loss of your funds, there will be no way to retrieve or reverse the withdrawal.

To check whether your transaction is successful, go to the “Withdrawals” tab on FTX.com. The transaction is successful when the status is reflected as “Complete”.

You can also go to Polygon Scan to check whether the transaction is successful by clicking the link under “status”.

Your MATIC is now successfully withdrawn from your FTX.com account to your MetaMask wallet!

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