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Demonetization: What it is and Why do Traders demonetize?

Demonetization : What it is and why do traders demonetize? - image source

What is “Demonetization”

The term “Demonetization” might seem intimidating or alarming to some users, but in the context of the Alpha Impact platform, it simply implies that the chosen profile can no longer generate subscription revenue.

This action does not indicate any guideline violation, nor does it result in a ban or removal from the Alpha Impact Platform.


Why do some traders “demonetize” their profiles?

Alpha Impact platform has been built to give traders the flexibility they need and some traders may choose to demonetize their crypto profiles for various reasons, including

  1. Build a good reputation first: It is advisable to establish a solid reputation before monetizing your profile. As the saying goes, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” New traders who aim to generate a substantial subscriber base may encounter challenges in attracting potential subscribers who seek proof of their trading and technical analysis expertise before subscribing. To showcase their abilities, traders may opt to temporarily demonetize their profile, demonstrate their skills, and re-monetize their profile once they have established a solid reputation.
  2. Become an Auto-copier: Monetized traders are ineligible to auto-copy other Alpha Impact traders. However, some traders may desire to learn from and auto-copy another top trader who outperforms them. To accomplish this, they will need to demonetize their profiles since Alpha Impact believes it is inappropriate for monetized traders to ride on other traders’ expertise to achieve popularity or increase their subscribers.
  3. Portfolio Management: Managing one’s portfolio in the crypto market can be challenging due to the high volatility and unpredictability of the market. Some traders may decide to divest their holdings to decrease their portfolio percentage and avoid a negative perception. This is particularly relevant when a trader holds a substantial amount of a specific cryptocurrency that has undergone a significant drop in value, causing a negative percentage loss, which can adversely affect their profile’s ranking on the leaderboard.


How do I “demonetize” my profile?

In any circumstance you need to demonetize your profile, here’s how:

Go to Alpha Impact Platform and click on “Profile

Click on "Profile" on Alpha Impact Platform - image source

Once you’re on your Profile page, click on “Monetization”

To monetize your Alpha Impact "Profile", click on "Monetization" on your Alpha Impact Profile page - image source

You should be able to see this “Need to Demonetize?” on the side of your Monetized Profile, click on this.

Click on the 'Need to Demonetize?' option on your Monetized Profile sidebar" - image source

In order to initiate the demonetization process, a pop-up window will be displayed asking for your final confirmation to proceed with the “demonetization”.

*This is a necessary step to ensure that our traders are fully aware that by demonetizing, they will forfeit all their existing subscribers and will need to start anew if they intend to remonetize their profiles in the future.

Confirm the demonetization process by finalizing your decision in the pop-up window - image source

After confirmation, you should see a sliding pop-up that indicates to you that your profile has been demonetized.

Confirmation of successful demonetization is shown through a sliding pop-up on your profile - image source

What will happen when I “demonetize” my profile?

Alpha Impact wishes to emphasize that demonetizing your profile will result in the loss of all your current subscribers. Therefore, please ensure that you are absolutely certain that you wish to proceed with demonetization before doing so.


What if I want to “monetize” my profile again?

For traders who would like to monetize your profile again, you can simply click on “Monetization” to restart your monetization journey.

For more information, you can refer to this article.


For more questions:

Go to Alpha Impact App Feedback Channel: https://t.me/+b2qrQINLDX45MGFl or contact us by filling out the form below Help Center.


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