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All, Announcement 23 Mar 2023

Application Release 5.1: Real-Time PnL Tracking for Alpha Impact Binance USD-M Futures Portfolio

Maximize your profits with Alpha Impact Binance USD-M futures portfolios. The new PnL tracking feature provides a detailed analysis of trading and funding fees.

Real-time PnL Tracking for Alpha Impact Binance Futures USD-M Futures Portfolio - image source

Apart from the latest update and the ongoing, Alpha Impact is committed to ensuring that our platform remains current and satisfies the demands of our traders and community.

In this release,  now includes a new PnL (Profit and Loss) performance tracking feature, which can monitor portfolios.

Release Notes: Refresh your browser to receive the latest updates.


Alpha Impact’s PnL Tracking for Binance USD-M Futures Portfolios

Binance Traders and Subscribers check this out!

As a, upon visiting the Binance Trader Profile of a, you will have access to an overview of their Portfolios section, where you can view their 30 Days Futures Cumulative PnL, leverage, and 30 Days Futures USD-M win rates. This information can help you determine whether the is performing well in their trades.

Vew Binance Futures Traders' 30 Days Futures Cumulative PnL, leverage, and 30 Days Futures USD-M win rates - image source

Click on one of the portfolios and you can see detailed information about the Composition,≥ PnL over time, and a PnL Analysis section. This new section will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the aggregate PnL, including funding fees and trading fees, which can be accessed from the PnL Analysis.

Aggregate PnL Analysis: Enhanced Breakdown on Alpha Impact - image source

The Positions section displays all open positions, along with their individual details and unique unrealized PnLs. However, to maintain privacy, only portfolio owners can view absolute numbers such as notional value and profit/losses, while will only see relative percentages to maintain privacy.

Subscribers can switch between the Binance SPOT and USD-M portfolios by clicking on the top right navigation bar and choosing the portfolio they want to view.

Portfolio Switching: Binance SPOT and USD-M on Alpha Impact - image source

If you are an trader on Binance and have not linked your Binance Futures account, you can refer to to connect it. Alternatively, if you already have a Binance SPOT portfolio connected and want to add your Futures account to , you can access the “Edit Details” option by clicking on the “3 dots” located on the top navigation bar.

Add Futures Account: Edit Details on Alpha Impact - image source
Click on USD-M to enable portfolio tracking - image source

After accessing the “Edit Details” option, you can enable the tracking of your Futures USD-M Portfolio by selecting “USD-M”, as illustrated above.

Save after Clicking on USD-M to enable portfolio tracking - image source

And you’re done!

If you have any questions about or have any suggestions, feel free to contact us on

For traders who would like to connect their Binance or Kucoin account to the Alpha Impact platform, please refer to 

What You Should Know About Alpha Impact Binance Trading

  1. To trade futures on Alpha Impact, you must first create a by clicking on “open now”.
  2. Binance requires new users of to take a quiz to understand the risks and mechanics of futures trading before starting. Therefore, you must complete the quiz if you’re new to Binance Futures trading.
  3. Connect your Binance portfolio to to track your spot and future portfolio.
  4. In order to enable  to track your portfolios, you need to select “SPOT” and “USD-M”.
  5. Be sure to, as they will expire in 90 days if not whitelisted.
  6. If there are invalid funds in your Binance account, you won’t be able to see any trade movement in your portfolio.


YouTube Videos Directly in Our Platform Through an Embedded Player!

Enjoy a seamless video-watching experience on  without having to leave the platform! With our new embedded player feature, you can now watch YouTube videos directly within the platform.

Top Navigation Bar

New and Improved Profile Completion Icon: An Enhanced Task Completion List

How it looks before:

Before Revamp : Alpha Impact Navigation Bar - image source

How it looks after:

After Revamp : Alpha Impact Navigation Bar - image source

In order to enhance user experience, we have updated the icon in the top navigation bar. This change aims to clarify the distinction between “Account” and “Profile completion” for users who may have found it confusing before.

If you have already completed your profile, the icon will no longer appear in your top navigation bar.

Daily Rewards Upgrade: Referrals Sub-Tab Now Highlighted with Animated Dot

Daily Rewards Upgrade: Referrals Sub-Tab Now Highlighted with Animated Dot - image source

 now includes an animated dot on the sub-tab, making it more noticeable and user-friendly.

For more information on how to refer your friends to the Alpha Impact platform:


Make Alpha threads — Alpha Impact Posts Now Ordered According to chronological order

Alpha Impact Posts Now Ordered According to chronological order - image source

In order to express ourselves more fully, a single post may not always suffice. On , a thread refers to a group of related posts by a single author. This is similar to a Twitter thread, which allows users to link multiple tweets together in order to provide additional information, updates, or elaborations on a particular topic.


  • KuCoin internal transfers are now captured for more accurate performance tracking
  • Cloud migration of database services from AWS to GCP
  • Other minor UX enhancements, scalability improvements, and house cleaning

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