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Application Release 5.2 | Monetized Traders Can Set Multiple Portfolios for Auto-Copying for their Subscribers

Alpha Impact’s Auto-Copyable Portfolios Offer Numerous Trading Strategies

Monetized traders can set multiple portfolios for auto-copying for their subscribers - image source

In response to feedback from both our traders and subscribers, we have taken steps to enhance our platform’s functionality. Our users expressed a desire for more auto-copyable portfolios, giving subscribers greater flexibility and choice.


Monetized Traders Can Offer Multiple Auto-Copy Portfolios to Subscribers

With the release of version 5.2 of our app, we have now made it possible for monetized traders to set up multiple portfolios, allowing their subscribers to auto-copy based on the traders’ various trading strategies. This update reflects our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our traders and helping subscribers achieve greater success in their trading journey.

Please note that this feature is only available if you have connected your Binance or Kucoin exchange account to Alpha Impact and have completed the monetization process. If you have not yet monetized your profile, please refer to our guide on “How does Signals Monetization work” for further instructions.

How do you set multiple auto-copy portfolios?

As a Monetized Trader on Alpha Impact, setting up auto-copyable portfolios is easy. Simply navigate to your “Profile” page and select “Monetization.” From there, click on the “+” icon to begin setting up your portfolios.

As a Monetized Trader on Alpha Impact how to set up auto-copyable portfolios - image source

When setting up auto-copyable portfolios on Alpha Impact, you will be presented with a pop-up displaying all the portfolios you have connected to the platform. From here, you can select which portfolio(s) you would like to make auto-copyable.

When setting up auto-copyable portfolios on Alpha Impact, you will be presented with a pop-up displaying all the portfolios you have connected to the platform - image source

As an example, let’s say you have two different exchange portfolios — one on Binance and one on Kucoin — that you want to set as auto-copyable portfolios and offer to your subscribers.

Simply click on the portfolio you would like to make auto-copyable, and carefully review the terms and conditions before proceeding.

Add Auto-copyable portfolios on Alpha Impact - image source
Confirmation on the selection of auto-copyable portfolio on Alpha Impact platform - image source
Read through Alpha Impact Terms and conditions on the confirmation of the selected auto-copyable portfolio - image source

Once you have done so, your auto-copyable portfolio(s) will be set up and ready to go.

Successfully set your autocopy portfolio(s) on Alpha Impact - image source

This powerful feature allows monetized traders to showcase their trading expertise and provide their subscribers with a range of portfolios to choose from, tailored to their unique trading strategies.

Ultimate Trading Flexibility: Monetized Traders Can Reset their Portfolio Performance and/or Disable Auto-Copying Without De-Monetizing

Control over portfolio performance is essential for monetized traders, and with this new update, they can now reset portfolios or disable auto-copying while retaining their monetization status and subscribers.

How to reset the portfolio(s) without De-Monetizing?

To reset the portfolio(s), all they need to do is click on the desired portfolio, click on the three dots icon, and choose the “Reset” option.

How to reset your Alpha Impact auto-copyable portfolio(s) without de-monetizing - image source

A confirmation pop-up will appear, asking for the portfolio name to be entered again to confirm the reset.

Reset your auto-copyable portfolio(s) without demonetising your profile - image source

Once done, the portfolio will be successfully reset.

Final verification on resetting portfolio - image source
Auto-copyable portfolio successfully reset - image source

This unparalleled flexibility empowers monetized traders to experiment with new strategies and customize their trading approach, without fear of losing their hard-earned Subscribers.

How to disable auto copyable portfolio(s) without De-Monetizing?

Monetized traders can access their “Profile” page and choose (-) to disable any auto-copyable portfolios by doing so.

Able to select of which auto-copyable portfolio(s) to disable - image source

Should you have any inquiries or suggestions about resetting your portfolio or auto-copying on the Alpha Impact platform, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on Telegram.

For traders who would like to connect their Binance or Kucoin account to the Alpha Impact platform, please refer to “how to connect your exchange account” here.

Subscribers Get Notified When Traders Reset Portfolios

If you’re a subscriber looking to auto-copy Alpha Impact traders, there are a few things to keep in mind.

One way to find auto-copyable traders is to check out the “Discover” page on the Alpha Impact platform. Monetized traders who have auto-copyable portfolios will have an “auto copyable” icon displayed next to their profiles. Alpha Impact recommends subscribers browse through monetized traders’ portfolios and get a sense of their trading strategies before committing to auto-copying their trades.

From the "Discover" page, you will be able to see who have "auto-copyable" profile - image source

It’s worth noting that traders may choose to disable or reset their portfolios as part of their trading strategy, but subscribers will be notified of these changes to help them manage their subscriptions. Subscribers can see the alert under their notifications or under the monetized trader’s profile.

Subscriber will receive Portfolio Changes Notifications on Alpha Impact - image source
Subscribers will be able to see how many times the trader reset their auto-copyable portfolio(s) - image source

By taking advantage of these features, subscribers can find and auto-copy successful traders, while also staying in control of their own investments.

What You Should Know About Alpha Impact Auto-Copyable Portfolio(s)

  1. To open auto copyable portfolio(s) on Alpha Impact, you must first connect your exchange and trade on Binance / Kucoin exchanges.

2. You will need to monetize your profile before setting up an auto-copyable portfolio(s). Here’s how to monetize your portfolio.

3. Please ensure your API keys are valid and correct when connecting your exchange.

4. Here’s how to connect your exchanges to Alpha Impact;

5. Monetized traders do not need to demonetize their portfolio(s) to disable auto copy

6. Subscribers are only able to auto-copy one portfolio at a time.


Enriching Your Home Feed: Twitter Posts Embedded and YouTube Player

Streamlined Twitter Content Viewing on Alpha Impact Platform - image source

Social media platforms are constantly evolving to meet the needs of their users, and Alpha Impact is no exception. One feature that has been implemented is the ability to embed Twitter posts into users’ home feeds. This means that users can view Twitter content such as videos and pictures directly within the Alpha Impact platform, without having to navigate away from it.

Additionally, the embedded YouTube player has also been updated to support Shorts and Live content, in addition to regular videos.

This allows users to enjoy a wider range of video content directly within the Alpha Impact platform. Overall, these features enhance the user experience and make it more convenient to access a variety of social media content in one place.


New User Trading Made Easy: Register with a Referral Code and Follow Your Referring Trader

Grow Your Community: Auto-Follow Referrals on Alpha Impact - image source

Alpha Impact Monetized Traders can now benefit from an easier way to gain subscribers. New users who register using a trader’s referral code and have enough credits to pay for their subscription fees will be automatically subscribed to the trader upon completing their referral tasks. This eliminates the need for traders to worry about their referrals not being able to locate them on the platform.

Additionally, new users will automatically follow the trader who invited them upon signing up, making it easier than ever for traders to increase their subscriber base. Traders can begin sharing their referral links to attract more subscribers and enjoy a streamlined process for gaining and retaining followers.

For more information on how to refer your friends to the Alpha Impact platform: https://alphaimpact.fi/referral/


Alpha Impact Offers a ‘Show Password’ Option to Improve Accessibility

Alpha Impact creates an option to show your password because this allows users to see their password which allows them to check that they’ve typed what they meant to without forcing them to type it again.

Enhance Access: Password Reveal Option on Alpha Impact - image source

Alpha Impact has also removed FTX and FTX.US Logos from the login page since FTX is not operational.

Verified Trader

At Alpha Impact, we recognize the value that great traders bring to our platform, and we are committed to supporting these traders as they work to grow their subscriber base and earnings. To further assist partnered traders, we have introduced a new “Verified Trader badge” that offers a mark of distinction and credibility.

Verified Trader Badge: Credibility on Alpha Impact - image source

We are dedicated to helping traders succeed and thrive on the Alpha Impact platform and believe that by working together, we can create a mutually beneficial relationship that fosters growth and success.

If you are a monetized trader and interested in learning more about how you can partner with Alpha Impact, we encourage you to reach out to us on Telegram to discuss your eligibility and the benefits of joining our program.


  • Other minor UX enhancements, scalability improvements, and house cleaning

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