All, App Releases 13 Sep 2023

Market Insights and Multi-Language Support | What’s new in Release 6.3

Alpha Impact is committed to continuously enhancing your crypto trading experience. We’re excited to unveil two powerful features that will enhance your crypto trading experience. Dive...

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All, App Releases 29 Aug 2023

Binance Futures USD-M Auto-Copy trading | What’s new in Release 6.2

Discover the Alpha Impact Trading World: Find Inspiration, Knowledge, and Connections with Traders The moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting has arrived. We’re beyond thrilled to present to you...

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All, How to guides 28 Aug 2023

Auto-CopyTrading Rules for Binance Futures

As you embark on this exciting journey of auto-copytrading Binance Futures (USD-M) portfolios on Alpha Impact, here are the key rules that we would like you...

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App Release 6.1 Banner - Using Stripe to buy FOLO with ease
All, App Releases 17 Aug 2023

Buying FOLO made easier with Stripe Integration | What’s New in Release 6.1

Discover the Alpha Impact Trading World: Find Inspiration, Knowledge, and Connections with Traders  Stripe Payments Integration: Effortless and Secure purchase of FOLO added We understand the importance...

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All, App Releases 03 Aug 2023

Real-Time Tracking & Boosted Posts 📊 | What’s New in Version 6.0

Discover the Alpha Impact Trading World: Find Inspiration, Knowledge, and Connections with Traders  Welcome to Alpha Impact Release 6.0, where we are excited to introduce an array...

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All, App Releases 24 Jul 2023

AI-Enhanced Daily Rewards: Get More with Relevant Posts | What’s New in Version 5.9

Discover the Alpha Impact Trading World: Find Inspiration, Knowledge, and Connections with Traders We are excited to announce our latest release which brings a host of new features,...

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All, App Releases 10 Jul 2023

Effortless Social Copy Trading: Auto-copy Open Orders 📈 | What’s New in Version 5.8

We are excited to announce the latest release of the Alpha Impact, packed with new features and improvements to take your trading experience to the next level....

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Spotlight for traders who are whales and social butterflies in the Alpha Impact trading community
All, App Releases 16 Jun 2023

Application Release 5.6 | ‘Whales’ and ‘Social Butterflies’ in the Alpha Impact Trading Community

Whales Unleashed: Dive into the Alpha Impact Trading World and Uncover Inspiration, Knowledge, and Connections with Crypto Traders Experience the power of Alpha Impact’s revamped UI/UX...

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All, Announcement 29 May 2023

Application Release 5.5 | Registration for Alpha Impact’s Exciting Trading Competition is Now Open

Alpha Impact’s Lobster Trading Competition empowers skilled Traders and provides an exciting opportunity for Stakers to engage in stake trading alongside their chosen traders. Alpha Impact...

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All, App Releases 26 May 2023

Application Release 5.4 | Revolutionize Your Trading with Automated TP and SL on Binance and KuCoin using Alpha Impact

Automated TP and SL New Feature Alert:  Optional TP/SL Prompt for Autocopying Portfolios on Alpha Impact Alpha Impact has recently announced the addition of automatic Take...

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All, App Releases 11 May 2023

Application Release 5.3 | Secure Your Investments: Convert Your Portfolio to Stable Coins

Preserve your investment and retain profits by converting portfolio assets to stablecoins after auto-copying a trader Alpha Impact understands that retaining profits gained from auto-copying different traders is a...

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All, Announcement 07 Apr 2023

FOLO-for-USDT: Stand a chance to earn 100% USDT Cashback for Your First Deposit

Deposit FOLO Tokens and Get a Chance to Win Matching USDT! (PRIZE POOL UP TO $1,010 USDT) FOLO-for-USDT: Happy Easter to Our Valued Alpha Impact Community...

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All, App Releases 31 Mar 2023

Application Release 5.2 | Monetized Traders Can Set Multiple Portfolios for Auto-Copying for their Subscribers

Alpha Impact’s Auto-Copyable Portfolios Offer Numerous Trading Strategies In response to feedback from both our traders and subscribers, we have taken steps to enhance our platform’s functionality. Our users...

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All, Announcement 23 Mar 2023

Application Release 5.1: Real-Time PnL Tracking for Alpha Impact Binance USD-M Futures Portfolio

Maximize your profits with Alpha Impact Binance USD-M futures portfolios. The new PnL tracking feature provides a detailed analysis of trading and funding fees. Apart from...

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All, Announcement 13 Mar 2023

St Patrick’s Day 2023: Find your Pot o’ Crypto at the End of the Rainbow

Get lucky this St Patrick’s Day and don’t miss out on the fun — earn 14,500 FOLO credits and a chance to win $30 worth of BTC rewards...

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All, How to guides 07 Mar 2023

How Kucoin Auto Copy Trading Works on Alpha Impact: Explained

Alpha Impact Kucoin Auto Copy Trading is a tool that enables individuals in the financial markets to automatically replicate the positions opened and managed by another...

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All, App Releases 28 Feb 2023

Application Release 5.0 | Multiply Your Earnings by Copying Top Traders with Alpha Impact KuCoin’s Auto-Copy Trading (Pilot)!

Alpha Impact, the social trading platform designed to bring trust to crypto traders, today announced the unveiling of its latest social trading offering, Kucoin Auto-Copy Trading....

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All, App Releases 17 Feb 2023

Application Release 4.5 | Preparing for KuCoin Auto-Copy: Spot Portfolio Gets New Wallet Sub-Views

To facilitate the forthcoming KuCoin Auto-Copy feature, Alpha Impact has recently introduced distinct wallet sub-views on Kucoin Spot Portfolio. With this new development, Alpha Impact is gearing up to introduce...

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All, App Releases 16 Feb 2023

Application Release 4.4 | Filter It Out! Alpha Impact Home Feed Customization

New Filters, New Experience: Make Your Alpha Impact Home Feed Your Own As the saying goes, “If great content is the hero, then spam is the...

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Crypto 101 03 Feb 2023

Monetize your trades and share exclusive insights

Firstly, to be good at crypto trading, you require patience, risk management skills, and the ability to analyze and interpret market trends and data. Once you’ve...

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Crypto 101 01 Feb 2023

Subscribers First: Forge Relationships with Your Followers

Subscribers First: Forge Relationships with Your Followers. As a crypto trader, there are several ways you can connect with followers and subscribers on Alpha Impact Platform...

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All, How to guides 30 Jan 2023

How to connect Binance USD-M Futures to Alpha Impact?

You’re probably wondering what is Binance Futures and how can this help you to earn on Alpha Impact. You’ve arrived at the right place! What is USD-M Futures in Binance?...

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All, App Releases 30 Jan 2023

Application Release 4.3 | Alpha Impact unveils new Dark Theme and Binance USD-M Futures Position Tracking

We are pleased to announce that the Binance USD-M Futures Position Tracking Preview is now available, and a dark theme has also been implemented as an...

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All, Announcement 21 Jan 2023

Lunar New Year 2023: Hop into Prosperity with Alpha Impact

Celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit in style with Alpha Impact Red Packets (*worth $700 in FOLO credits). Happy Lunar New Year! Since 2023...

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Crypto 101 19 Jan 2023

Develop your Reputation through Social Interaction

As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Developing a reputation as a successful trader in the cryptocurrency market can take time and effort,...

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All, Crypto 101 11 Jan 2023

Grow Your Own Trading Community

Traders who are looking to grow their own trading community on the Alpha Impact platform have a unique opportunity to not only profit from their own...

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All, App Releases 09 Jan 2023

Application release 4.2 – Tired of sifting through spam?

Say goodbye to spam with the new release of Application 4.2. Alpha Impact now has a new function where our moderators will be able to revoke...

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All, Crypto 101 03 Jan 2023

What’s the Difference Between Margin and Futures Trading?

Are you looking to add some new trading tools to your toolbox? You might consider margin trading, which lets you borrow funds to buy an asset...

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Announcement 24 Dec 2022

Christmas Challenge: This is the season to earn 700 FOLO in 7 days

Christmas is all about giving. Every Christmas, we are faced with a gut-wrenching dilemma: what do we get people for Christmas?  This year, the cryptocurrency industry has...

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App Releases 15 Dec 2022

Application Release 4.1 | Let your trades speak for you

Introducing our newest feature: Trade Remarks. Traders can now share their comments on a trade-by-trade basis, meaning that users will be able to see what each...

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Announcement, App Releases 01 Dec 2022

Application Release 4.0 | Earn More with Auto-Copy Trading and Daily Rewards!

Alpha Impact has just launched Auto-copy trading and a slew of web app updates, which will allow users of the platform to earn additional rewards while...

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All, How to guides 29 Nov 2022

How Binance Auto-Copy Trading Works:Explained

It is often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but it can also be extremely profitable. If you want to trade like the...

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Announcement 29 Nov 2022

Alpha Impact Loyalty Rewards: Earn 700 FOLO in 7 Days

Alpha Impact has just launched an exciting Loyalty Program as part of our way of showing gratitude to our long-time users. With this new program, users...

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How to guides 29 Nov 2022

How to use my Rewards to get FREE Trade Alerts?

We’re all aware that various Telegram/Discord channels provide paid crypto trade alerts. However, in this guide, we will discuss how you can receive crypto trade alerts...

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All, App Releases 01 Nov 2022

Application Release 3.6 | Alpha Impact releases Progressive Web App – Bridging the gap between web and mobile apps

Alpha Impact now supports a progressive web app. Users can open the app directly from their desktop on their personal devices or phone, instantly gaining access...

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All, How to guides 20 Oct 2022

How to connect your KuCoin account to Alpha Impact?

Hey Alphas, Alpha Impact has launched Kucoin integration on our web app. Read on to find out how you can link your Kucoin account in 6...

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All, Announcement 18 Oct 2022

Alpha Impact Special Halloween Event | Earn a chance to win $500 USDT

Halloween is just around the corner, and Alpha Impact will drop more features soon. To encourage new users to join our community, we are running this...

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All, App Releases 17 Oct 2022

Application Release 3.5 | Get Private Signals and Market Analysis on Traders’ Announcements

Our trading & learning community, webinars, signals & market analysis by Alpha Impact traders will help you grow as a trader instantly. You might wonder what...

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All, Announcement 12 Oct 2022

September 2022 Incentives Program Winners

Historically, September is said to be a bad month for Bitcoin as it continuously shows negative returns in each of the last five years. But Alpha...

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All, How to guides 30 Sep 2022

How to Copy Trade on Alpha Impact?

People often believe the only way to profit in the crypto world is by being an expert in finance and technology, and many struggles are stuck...

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All, App Releases 29 Sep 2022

Application Release 3.4 | What price did Top Traders set in FTX Advanced Orders?

With the new FTX portfolio tracking feature, Subscribers can now see what their Traders are trading in FTX Advanced Orders: Open Order & Trigger Order.  ...

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All, App Releases 19 Sep 2022

Application Release 3.3 | KuCoin Exchange Integration

KuCoin users will be able to track their trading activities on Alpha Impact now. You can monitor multiple trading streams in just one place!   Today...

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All, App Releases 12 Sep 2022

App Release 3.2 | New Updated Features

After launching Signal Subscription on Alpha Impact, our latest features was to improve our user experience on a few platform features and ease navigation issues around...

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All, Announcement 07 Sep 2022

Top 3 ways Traders are Making Money in this Crypto Market

Crypto is often described by the traditional media as being “too volatile” and “unsafe for most investors.” We hear stories of traders losing their savings, with...

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All, How to guides 06 Sep 2022

Get Real-Time Trade Alerts on Telegram?

Here are 3 easy steps to set up your Telegram notifications on the Alpha Impact platform to receive real-time trade and movement notifications. https://youtu.be/iCN5OKITtEM What is Alpha Impact?...

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All, How to guides 01 Sep 2022

How to deposit FOLO into Alpha Impact?

After getting your FOLO tokens, you now have to deposit your FOLO tokens into the Alpha Impact Platform in order for you to use the tokens on our platform. If you...

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All, Announcement 01 Sep 2022

August 2022 Incentives Program Winners

Alpha Impact is excited to announce two August 2022 winners of the Monthly Incentives Program!   In August 2022, the two leading crypto assets, Bitcoin and...

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All, How to guides 29 Aug 2022

Buy FOLO tokens with Low Gas Fees (almost $0 transaction fees)

Experienced traders have been speculating on crypto for years, but what if you’re new to the market and are looking to get a piece of the...

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All, App Releases 22 Aug 2022

Application Release 3.1 | Trading Signal Subscription Now Available!

Alpha Impact Trading Signal Subscription is one of the most eagerly awaited and anticipated features of the Alpha Impact trading platform. We are excited to see...

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All, How to guides 21 Aug 2022

Demonetization: What it is and Why do Traders demonetize?

What is “Demonetization” The term “Demonetization” might seem intimidating or alarming to some users, but in the context of the Alpha Impact platform, it simply implies...

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How to guides 20 Aug 2022

How does Signals Monetization work?

As Alpha Impact launches its first product, Signals Monetization, there are multiple new features that you should know about. What is Signals Monetization? The firm’s first...

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All, Announcement 15 Aug 2022

Signals Monetization is now LIVE!

For those waiting on Alpha Impact’s first monetization feature, we are delighted to announce that Signals Monetization is now LIVE on the Alpha Impact platform! Singapore, August...

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All, Crypto 101 13 Aug 2022

What are Crypto Trading Signals?

What exactly are crypto trading signals? How will they help, and how do you use these signals to your advantage?   Crypto signals are trading suggestions...

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All, App Releases 03 Aug 2022

Alpha Impact July Recap | Crypto Guides, Winners, and What’s Next?

Since announcing the launch of Polygon Network in July, we can still see despite the current crypto bear market, savvy traders on Alpha Impact have been using...

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All, App Releases 29 Jul 2022

Application Release 3.0 | Profiting from Signals with FOLO

With this release, traders can now monetize and charge for their real-time signals with a custom monthly fee.  

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All, How to guides 26 Jul 2022

How to get MATIC?

Why should you buy MATIC? Ethereum’s volatility and extraordinarily high gas fees have been a major industry conversation topic. In the first few months of 2021,...

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All, How to guides 26 Jul 2022

How to swap to MATIC on MetaMask?

In this guide, we will be explaining how to swap your cryptocurrency coins into MATIC on MetaMask. This guide will be a generic guide on how...

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All, How to guides 26 Jul 2022

How to buy MATIC on Binance?

We know how difficult it is to learn the ropes of crypto. Here are 5 easy steps on how to buy MATIC on Binance! 1. Register/Login...

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All, How to guides 26 Jul 2022

How to buy MATIC on FTX.com?

There are many ways to acquire MATIC, but in this guide, we will go down to how to buy MATIC on FTX.com. 1. Register or Login...

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All, Crypto 101 08 Jul 2022

Play-to-Earn? NFTs? DeFi?

Happy National Video Games Day to all the gamers out there! Have you ever thought of earning money from gaming without needing to be a professional...

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All, App Releases 05 Jul 2022

Alpha Impact June Recap | FTX.US Support, Polygon Integration & Signals Monetization

This month has been filled with excitement and change. Alpha Impact has upgraded to a bigger space, which means more space for our creativity to grow...

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All, How to guides 04 Jul 2022

How to connect Polygon to MetaMask?

Below is a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to add the Polygon Network to MetaMask. This is in line with Trader Signals Monetization which is slated...

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All, Crypto 101 27 Jun 2022

What is Social Trading?

When learning a new skill, it’s always a good idea to look to the wisdom of the masters of that skill. There’s a reason why people...

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All, App Releases 24 Jun 2022

Application Release 2.8 | Portfolio Dashboard Revamp

Portfolio Dashboard: It has been a busy week here at Alpha Impact, and we are happy to reveal our new portfolio dashboard! Not only that, FTX...

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All, Crypto 101 21 Jun 2022

What is On-Chain Analysis for Crypto?

Thanks to the transparency of public blockchain data, there’s a world of rich analysis of activity on the blockchain, called “on-chain data.” In this guide, we’ll...

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All, Crypto 101 14 Jun 2022

Investing vs.Trading: What’s the Difference?

Investing and trading are two distinct approaches to profiting from the financial markets. In general, investors buy and hold assets to achieve higher returns over a...

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All, App Releases 13 Jun 2022

Alpha Impact May Recap | Resetting Portfolio History, Exchange Categories & More!

It’s that time of the month again for another Alpha Impact Recap! This month, there were many changes and improvements to the app to enhance your...

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All, App Releases 09 Jun 2022

Application Release 2.7 | FTX US Now Integrated with Alpha Impact

For those who were waiting on our exchange support expansion, we are delighted to announce that we now have FTX US exchange support on Alpha Impact!...

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All, Announcement 08 Jun 2022

Alpha Impact is going LIVE on Polygon Network

Polygon Network here we come! Alpha Impact will be expanding to the Polygon Network, which allows users to trade FOLO tokens for cheaper gas fees at...

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All, Announcement 07 Jun 2022

FTX US Trading Is Now Live on Alpha Impact!

By connecting your FTX US account,  FTX US users can now fully experience and copy other traders’ portfolios and trading strategies on Alpha Impact. SINGAPORE, June...

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All, How to guides 07 Jun 2022

How to connect FTX.US account to Alpha Impact?

Hey Alphas, Alpha Impact has recently launched FTX.US integration on our web app. Read more to find out how to link your FTX.US account in 6...

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All 06 Jun 2022

Weekly Crypto Roundup 6/4

Talks of a crypto winter continue yet venture capital funds are flowing in. Check out this week’s highlights. Let’s start as always by taking a look...

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All 01 Jun 2022

Weekly Crypto Roundup 5/28

Down but not out — read on to learn the highlights in crypto this week.   Based on 28th May 2022 Analysis Despite the recent drawdown,...

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All, Announcement 27 May 2022

The first Incentives Program Winner Announcement (MAY 2022)

Monthly Trader Incentives Program: Alpha Impact recently launched this trader program at the beginning of May 2022 in order to incentivize great traders for their high...

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All 25 May 2022

Weekly Crypto Roundup 5/21

This week, after the Terra ecosystem explosion destroyed over $40 billion in value from LUNA and UST, it’s been an eventful week in crypto, to say...

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All, App Releases 24 May 2022

Application Release 2.6 | Giving a fresh start to your portfolio

Alpha Impact introduces how you can revitalize your portfolio by resetting it. Let’s find out more about how to reset your portfolio and what are the...

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All, Crypto 101 19 May 2022

The UST/LUNA Fiasco, Explained

If you’re like us, you had many questions when the tragic news hit about the stablecoin Terra losing its stability. And, of course, everything is happening...

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All, App Releases 18 May 2022

Alpha Impact April Recap | $1,000 Monthly Incentives program, Guest Mode & more

Hi, Alphas, Welcome to Alpha Impact April Recap! We know it’s already mid-May and a lot has happened in the past weeks so before the recap...

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All, App Releases 10 May 2022

Application Release 2.5.1 | Discover Top Traders by Exchange Categories

In this 2.5.1 release, we improved our “Discover” page to ease your search journey of finding the right trader by categorizing the top traders by each...

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All, App Releases 26 Apr 2022

Application Release 2.5.0 | Guest Mode is now LIVE

Alpha Impact is a popular service that allows its customers to profit by copying orders from professional traders. The service recently introduced major changes to its...

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All, Announcement 13 Apr 2022

Alpha Impact’s Monthly Traders Incentives kicks off with $1,000 in recurring rewards

The Copy Trading Platform now has hundreds of new talented, experienced professional members on our platform who want to make forays into trading. Since Alpha Impact...

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All, App Releases 11 Apr 2022

Optimizing Mobile-friendly User Experience

Traders, did you know that you can use Alpha Impact on mobile? It is one of the best ways to check your portfolio or copy trade...

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All, App Releases 31 Mar 2022

Alpha Impact March Recap | Cross-Exchange Copy Trading, FTX Futures Tracking

In March 2022, Alpha Impact leaders took to the World Blockchain Summit’s stage in Dubai to share the latest features of the Alpha Impact platform: Cross-Exchange Copy...

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All, App Releases 25 Mar 2022

Application Release 2.3.2 | Improved Portfolio User Experience on Mobile

Alpha Impact now supports mobile logins! Now you can access to Alpha Impact app anytime anywhere! You can also track the returns and growth through the...

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All, Partnership 21 Mar 2022

PARTNERSHIP | Alpha Impact partnered with Art Wall Street to solidify NFT trading space

SINGAPORE, March 21, 2022 – Alpha Impact is delighted to announce it has partnered with another reputable web3 company, Art Wall Street. The Web3 gateway is...

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All, How to guides 17 Mar 2022

How to connect your Binance account permanently (Whitelisting)

If you have been reconnecting your Binance to Alpha Impact due to expiring API keys, you’ll want to learn how to whitelist Alpha Impact. Whitelisting allows...

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All, App Releases 08 Mar 2022

Application Release 2.3.0 | Cross-Exchange Copy Trading Enabled

Why be stuck with 1 exchange when you can use 2 or 3 exchanges? Try Alpha Impact cross-exchange! Copy traders from FTX and Binance simultaneously. Simply...

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All, Announcement 03 Mar 2022

Alpha Impact launches referral program with $10,000 in rewards

SINGAPORE, March 3, 2022 – To celebrate the launch of their BitGo wallet integration and ability to deposit FOLO in-app, Alpha Impact has created a referral...

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All, App Releases 28 Feb 2022

Alpha Impact February Recap  | 2FA & Mobile-Friendly Application

Users can now deposit FOLO on Alpha Impact using the BitGo wallet Alpha Impact’s newest updates are built with safety and traders in mind. Using BitGo’s...

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All, Partnership 28 Feb 2022

PARTNERSHIP | Alpha Impact partners with Definity to scale trader capabilities with exclusive trader tools

SINGAPORE, February 28th, 2022 — Alpha Impact is a DeFi-enabled social trading platform that lets users find and copy a top trader while keeping funds in...

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All, Partnership 23 Feb 2022

PARTNERSHIP | Alpha Impact collaborates with Epic Meta to scale trading assets into Esport and NFT

SINGAPORE, February 22nd, 2022 – Alpha Impact is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Epic Meta, the world’s first Esports Fantasy League built with...

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All, App Releases 21 Feb 2022

Application Release 2.2.0 | Integrated BitGo Wallet for Monetization

Alpha Impact recently integrated the BitGo wallet to provide exchange-level security for our users. Read more to find out other updates in this release.   Release...

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All, App Releases 14 Feb 2022

Application Release 2.1.1 | Responsive Menu for Mobile

In this release, Alpha Impact improved a few UI features to provide better user experiences such as a mobile responsive menu. Read and find out more...

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All, How to guides 08 Feb 2022

How to connect your Binance account to Alpha Impact?

If you do not have a Binance.com account, you’ll need to create one to begin copy trading on Alpha Impact. Register here to create a Binance account. *To...

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All, App Releases 07 Feb 2022

Application Release 2.1.0 | 2FA Reinforcement and Account Security

Alpha Impact‘s best interest is always providing the best security to our users. This release introduces what Alpha Impact improved on security.   Release Notes: Enhanced...

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All, How to guides 21 Dec 2021

How to connect your FTX.com account to Alpha Impact?

Hey Alphas, Alpha Impact has recently launched FTX.com integration on our web app. Read more to find out how to link your FTX account in 5...

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All, Announcement 10 Nov 2021

Yahoo Finance Announces Alpha Impact’s $100k Binance Trading Competition

SINGAPORE, November 11, 2021 — Alpha Impact’s $100k trading competition was announced by Yahoo Finance and has launched a second Binance competition for more traders or...

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All, Partnership 04 Oct 2021

PARTNERSHIP | Alpha Impact & IX Swap bridges copy trading crypto market with tokenized stocks

SINGAPORE, 1 October 2021 — Alpha Impact is proud to announce a partnership with IXSwap, the Uniswap for Security Tokens and tokenized stocks.   IX Swap...

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All, App Releases 20 Sep 2021

Alpha Impact 2021 Q3 August-September Technical Updates (and more Q4 plans)

August and September flew by, and we’re back with another update! Be prepared as this is several weeks’ worth of updates. We’ve got some big announcements...

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All, Announcement 26 Apr 2021

Alpha Impact Closes $3.1m Funding Round

We are delighted to announce Alpha Impact has just closed its funding round, led by LuneX Ventures, Genesis Block HK, and an undisclosed HFT firm. Please read more in...

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All, Crypto 101 14 Apr 2021

What Is A Bull And Bear Market?

You often hear people mention the term “bull and bear” or you might have heard someone proclaim that they are “bullish” or “bearish” when talking about...

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All, Crypto 101 14 Apr 2021

Can I Quit My Job & Just Trade Crypto?

Crypto as a job? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re bound to have been peppered with online ads promising vast riches by trading cryptocurrency...

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All, Crypto 101 14 Apr 2021

What Is The Bitcoin Halving?

If you’ve started to learn about bitcoin, you may have seen articles or YouTube influencers make reference to the term “bitcoin halving” (or “halvening”). Often it...

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All, Crypto 101 12 Apr 2021

How Do I Buy Cryptocurrency?

According to Statista the number of global cryptocurrency users crossed the 100 million mark earlier in 2021 and shows no sign of slowing down! Given the...

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How to guides 29 Jan 2021

How do I Create an account on Alpha Impact?

Here are 5 easy steps for you to create an account on the Alpha Impact platform, the key to our community and insights. EP1 Creating An...

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