As a Monetized Trader, why can’t I withdraw my FOLO credits?

How can we determine whether our product/signal is beneficial to your subscribers?

We understand the frustration of paying for something without knowing its value. To address this, we offer new users free FOLO credits (which cannot be withdrawn) when they complete their profile. This allows them to test out our auto-copy and monetization features without any financial commitment.

Once new users have used up their free FOLO credits, they will need to purchase FOLO tokens to continue their subscriptions. Any subscription fees paid by subscribers with FOLO tokens will be shared with you at a rate of 100% (with no platform fees at the moment) and added to your FOLO balance, which can be withdrawn.

It’s important to note that if a subscriber pays their subscription with FOLO credits, you will be compensated with FOLO credits (which cannot be withdrawn), but can be used later to increase the visibility of your posts.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you engage with your subscribers through private and public posts, sharing market insights to convert those with limited FOLO credits into paying FOLO customers who will continue to subscribe to your service after the trial period. These paying FOLO customers are your target audience for monetization.

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