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Crypto 101 03 Feb 2023

Monetize your trades and share exclusive insights

Firstly, to be good at crypto trading, you require patience, risk management skills, and the ability to analyze and interpret market trends and data. Once you’ve mastered trading, the next big question is, “How do I make money from this?”

There are many ways to monetize, and the specific approach will depend on the individual’s goals, resources, and level of expertise. Some people may choose to monetize their cryptocurrency through trading or even by participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

To make money in Alpha Impact, however, you simply select your subscription fee and monetize your portfolio.

What is Alpha Impact Traders’ Monetization?

Alpha Impact launches our first product, Signals Monetization which allows expert traders to directly monetize their expertise by customizing a fee that Alpha Impact charges its users, who in turn will receive access to updates, trade alerts, and proprietary insights that each trader publishes.

How do I monetize my profile?

  1. Sign up for Alpha Impact
  2. Connect your exchange to Alpha Impact; currently, Alpha Impact supports Binance and Kucoin.

If you’re not sure how to connect your exchange, you can refer to the guides below.

Connect Exchanges:

Click here to access How to Connect your Kucoin Account to Alpha Impact?

Click here to access How to Connect your Binance Account to Alpha Impact?


Once you connect your exchange, time to monetize your profile. There will be 2 new tabs on an account with linked portfolios — Monetization and Earnings. Click on “Monetization”


Choose the amount you like for your subscription fee. Make sure the amount you choose is reasonable so that subscribers can subscribe to you.


And you’re done!

Why is sharing exclusive insights important?

You can create private announcements just for your subscribers by monetizing your profile.

Money is moved by scarcity and inefficiency; the more of a resource there is, the less you can charge for it.

Subscribers want more exclusivity, so when you share your knowledge and experience in a private announcement, they will be more likely to buy. This can assist others in learning more about the market and making educated decisions.


How to see my earnings each month?

By monetizing your portfolio, you can set a monthly price for your subscription and you can see the earnings under the “Earnings” tab.

It’s important to note that it can take time and effort to build a following and attract subscribers, so it’s important to be consistent and provide value to your audience.


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Connect Exchanges:

Click here to access How to Connect your Kucoin Account to Alpha Impact?

Click here to access How to Connect your Binance Account to Alpha Impact?


About Alpha Impact

Crypto Made Easy.

Alpha Impact is a social trading platform designed to bring trust to crypto trading. Whether you want to automatically copy an expert trader or you’re already a crypto trader and want to build and monetize your following, we’re building the infrastructure to take the guesswork out of crypto trading.

Traders on the Alpha Impact platform are some of the top-performing traders in crypto. In good markets or bad, our traders are incentivized to share their trades and trading strategies through the Alpha Impact platform. Finally, a place where users can filter through the noise and learn about crypto trading from experts with a visible track record. What’s even better is that traders have an incentive to share their investment thesis, analysis of the market, and the reasons behind their trades.

We share our fees with traders, meaning that there is finally an incentive for expert traders to share their activity and views with crypto enthusiasts and beginners.

Built by experts from the traditional finance space, our philosophy is to empower everyone to become a crypto trader. Whether you’re a beginner wanting to learn from an expert, or an expert wanting to get paid, we’re here to democratize access to this industry, one trade at a time.

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