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How do I stop auto copying someone?

Head over to the trader’s profile and click on the portfolio that you were auto-copying from. Thereafter, you will notice a banner at the top that will allow you to stop the auto-copy function. Click on it to stop auto copying from the trader.

Why can’t I autocopy?

Kindly check that you are using a Binance Spot portfolio to auto-copy other traders. Ensure that the API is valid and Spot and Margin trading permission is enabled. If it is disabled, note that the API key permissions can be edited under Binance API management. Once done, you can then click the refresh button on the “Linked Portfolio” page on the Alpha Impact application. When you have successfully started to auto-copy a trader’s portfolio, the total value of the portfolio cannot be above US$1,000.

How much do copy traders earn?

For now, traders with auto-copyable portfolios do not charge extra fees on top of the subscription fee to their subscribers. However, having an auto-copyable portfolio will increase the chances of attracting more users to subscribe to you since you will be attracting 2 different target groups (i.e. those who have the time to DYOR and wish to have more control over copying via quick-copying feature + those who simply don’t have the time/energy to DYOR and thus, would like to auto-copy a trader).

How do I withdraw money from copy trading?

This will depend on how each billed subscriber pays the trader. If the subscriber pays the subscription fee in balance, the trader will receive the subscription fee in balance and that balance will be withdrawable. But if the subscriber pays in credit, the trader will receive in credit, which is NOT withdrawable.

Can other traders copy me?

Yes, other traders can copy you as long as your profile is public. However, if you would like other traders to auto-copy your portfolio, you will need to link a Binance Spot portfolio and monetize your account.

How long does it take for auto copied trades to be executed once I autocopy the trader?

Auto-copy will be executed every 10 minutes.

How long does it take for copied trades to be executed once I copy the trader?

If no error is encountered, copied trades will be executed almost immediately. 

What is the minimum copy trading amount?

There’s no minimum amount to copy trade. However, the minimum size for trading on Binance is 10 USD. 

Does auto copy trading have a fee?

The auto-copy feature is an additional feature you can enjoy as long as you are subscribed to traders with an auto-copyable portfolio, with no additional charge at the moment.

Is it possible to set my private portfolio as an auto-copyable one?

No, you will be required to make your portfolio public to allow subscribers to auto-copy your trades. 

Can I change my auto-copyable portfolio in the future?

We do not support the changing of auto-copyable portfolios. We encourage traders to be responsible with their trades and we do not recommend switching it to a better performing portfolio.

I’m a monetized trader and I’m also a subscriber on the platform. Why can’t I use my auto-copyable portfolio to auto-copy another trader’s portfolio?

We do not encourage traders with an auto-copyable portfolio to copy other traders and thus, have disabled this feature.

Do I earn additional rewards by setting up an auto-copyable portfolio?

No. However, it is an effective way to attract more subscribers, especially those who do not want to copy trade manually. 

How do I set up my auto-copyable portfolio?

  1. Existing monetized traders: Head over to “Profile” and click on the “Monetization” tab. Thereafter, tap on “Auto/Quick Copy” to set up your auto-copyable portfolio.
  2. Newly registered users: Head over to “Profile” and click on the “Monetization” tab to monetize your profile. You will then be redirected to the next step where you can set up your auto-copyable portfolio.

What is an auto-copyable portfolio?

A portfolio that is considered as an auto-copyable one would be a Binance Spot portfolio that is not being used to auto-copy another trader’s portfolio.

Why does the portfolio that I have chosen to auto-copy need to be reset prior to the copying?

Resetting of a portfolio enables portfolio tracking, trade history and performance chart to start afresh.

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